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Collaborative crowdsourcing & innovation planning

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SocialJsIdeas overview

SocialJsIdeas is a collaborative idea management solution for businesses to crowdsource, mind map, organize and prioritize ideas from their community. With SocialJsIdeas, enterprises can drive collaborative innovation and mind map ideas using intuitive graphic representations.

Users are able to collect the ideas of collaborators, customers and partners and centralize bottom-up information feedback, as well as create and share ideas in just a few clicks. Idea management tools help increase innovation potential and harness the power of crowdsourcing.

SocialJsIdeas's user-friendly interface helps mind map, organize and prioritize collected ideas. Users can regroup ideas around “ideas trees” and mind map using intuitive and playful graphic representations. The easy-to-use interface based-on thumbnails format (text, photos, pictures, videos) allows them to launch and share their ideas, publish feedback from the field.

Organizations can increase audience and employee engagement, and assess and analyze all area of business performance with the community by asking for ideas to emerge. SocialJsIdeas helps users crowdsource and benefit from the feedback of employees, customers, consumers or administrators.


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English, French, Spanish
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Standard: 5€ /user/month

Premium: 8€ user/month

SocialJsIdeas features

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Key features of SocialJsIdeas

  • Collaboration
  • Idea trees
  • Top contributor
  • Top ideas
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Support via email
  • Native integration
  • Ideas management
  • Administrators
  • Shared blackboard
  • Tablet mode
  • Extensive adaptation
  • API
  • Deliver information updates
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Invite collaborators, customers and partners to reflect together and increase innovation potential.

Create and offer products and services that are more demand-driven, while reducing R&D and marketing costs.

Mobilize all stakeholders and initiate discussions with SocialJsIdeas's solution for launching discussion and consensus building.

Involve customers partners and teams in strategic thinking to improve product and service offerings, as well as anticipate and react quickly to market and competition changes.

Write proposals for services, policies and documents collectively to create standard documents, giving a common vision of the business.