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Stellar Library

Secure Document Distribution

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Stellar Library Feature Summary

  • Control Access to folders and files
  • Allows you to go Paperless
  • Real time update of information
  • Allows Annotations on documents
  • Secure Encryption in the cloud
  • Request Acknowledgement from Readers
  • Monitor activity on all files
  • Readers can have access to select folders and files
  • View how much of each document has been read
  • Cloud based storage on Amazon servers
  • Fun, Easy, Intuitive Display
  • Removes the need to share information through email
  • Quick and easy to setup
  • Makes meetings for effecient
  • Low cost per user
  • Can be used for any size organisation
  • Visual, graphic display
  • Both public and private sector use
  • Unlimited storage

Stellar Library Features In Depth

Role-Based Access and Document Control

When sharing files and documents with other people, security is a major concern. You wouldn’t want unauthorized entities any access to your organization’s sensitive information. Stellar Library employs multiple access levels: head librarians, librarians, assistant librarians, and readers.

Head librarians have access to billing information, can delegate library administration, and customize folder designs. Except for icons customization and access to billing information, librarians perform the same functions as head librarians. Assistant librarians, on the other hand, are denied the ability to invite new library users or choose which users can or cannot access certain files or folders. Readers are only allowed to view files shared with them. They cannot edit, print, or annotate files or documents.

To add a user, click on the Users tab, and click the Add User button. If you’re adding a single user, type in his/her email address, first name, and last name. Then, select his/her user type from the dropdown menu: Reader, Assistant Librarian, or Librarian.

Audit Trail

To maintain full control of your files and documents, understand how your files are being used, and ensure all of your intended recipients are opening or reading the files shared with them (you’re a teacher and needs to make sure your students are accessing the files shared with them for a lesson or project, for example), Stellar Library keeps a comprehensive audit trail of every user activity in the library.

To view your library’s usage log, click on the Log tab. From and to dates can be set, and logs can then be sorted from earliest to latest, and vice versa. A usage report can also be generated by right-clicking on a file or folder and choosing Usage Report from the menu options. The report shows you your files’ download and open percentages.

File Synchronization and Collaboration

Every time a user logs in to Stellar Library via an Internet-connected device and updates or deletes a file, changes access permissions to a folder, and so on, updates are automatically and immediately synced across everyone’s devices. Stellar Library likewise supports file collaboration. But first, the file or document must be opened. When closed, which is the default setting, no collaboration can happen. Opened files can be printed, shared, downloaded, used in another app, or annotated.

Read receipts, which are notifications recipients are obliged to send to signify they’ve already read a document or file, can be required for situations when knowing a document has been acted upon is essential to proceed with a certain activity. For instance, a meeting cannot commence unless all those present have already seen the emergency report shared with them.

Stellar Library Shortcuts

There are some shortcuts you can use to make your Stellar Library experience more seamless. One of which is the right-click menu. To bring it up, click on a file or folder, and you’ll be given a set of options: Open, File Info, Usage Report, Move, Rename, and Delete.

To add multiple users, a spreadsheet with four columns is required, where the columns contain the users’ first names, last names, email addresses, and levels of access, respectively. Access levels are either, R, A, and L for recipient, assistant librarian, and librarian. When ready, click on the Import button from the Users tab and upload your spreadsheet.

Access Control Override

In Stellar Library, there’s a super librarian functionality that allows access permissions to be overridden. This is used for cases when the head librarian’s access to a certain file or folder has been deleted, accidentally or otherwise, and needs to be restored. The feature can be enabled from the Accounts tab. (The Accounts tab is visible only if you have the Stellar Library full version.)

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