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Stellar Library

Secure Document Distribution

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What is Stellar Library?

Stellar Library is a document management and distribution system that works the same way a traditional library does. The head librarian and librarian determine the users a file, folder, or document can be shared with, as well as the ways a file or document can be used by its recipients – print, download, send as an email attachment, or read only.

It uses drag-and-drop to facilitate file upload and sharing and ensures that confidential information stays confidential through role-based user access and controls. To monitor how the assets in your library are utilized, Stellar Library maintains a complete and comprehensive record of every activity performed, such as create a folder, upload a file, download or delete a document, change the access permission of a particular recipient, and even when somebody logs out of the library.

Specifically created for boards of directors, the government, education, and business sectors, Stellar Library is a mobile content delivery and storage platform that allows users to safely upload and share files, folders, and documents. Built with iPad users in mind, it facilitates secure communication between computers and mobile devices, enabling paperless document distribution between groups of people.

Stellar Library functions like a traditional library where there’s a head librarian controlling the way folders, files, and documents are shared and used in the library. Files can be shared from Windows and iOS-powered devices to iPads. Some of the app’s core features include role-based access and document control, audit trail, file synchronization, collaboration, and the Stellar Library shortcuts.