All about the user activity logging feature in Stellar Library

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All about the user activity logging feature in Stellar Library

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Dave (Stellar Library)

Dave: I'm not sure about this one because I'm not the head librarian here because. Let me just go to Stellar Library here. So this tells me effectively when people access the library and how long they actually stayed in there. But it is useful so for certain organizations that need to have a lot more important regards to who's actually going into what space. And really it's monitoring, it's an auditing feature that a lot of organizations probably won’t need. But there are some that effectively are more involved in this sort of area.

Jimmy: Great!

Dave: Now, we have law firms, for example, using our product where the information is obviously highly classified and they need to be accessing that and be able to determine for example if one path that has actually access that information and given his consent.

For example, doctors here in Australia and New Zealand are use Stellar Library to be able to share information about patients. And the order trial is interesting because a doctor who is seeing a patient's file can be made a recommendation or a diagnosis on the condition of their patient. And by having this order trial if ever there was a malpractice suit, therefore, it would be recorded at what time and when that doctor actually accessed the file and what was the recommendation that was made at that particular time with the information that was there at that time. So insurance companies love this product because of that feature as well.