Detailed explanation of Stellar Library’s pricing plan

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Detailed explanation of Stellar Library’s pricing plan

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Dave (Stellar Library)

Dave: Okay, so our app product is very simple, and when it comes to how it's set up, you have as you can see a free trial that if you press this 14 - day trial. You literally just filling in this information and it creates an account. You can use that; you can add up to another nine other users, and effectively you can use the product on its full capacity for 14 days.

The reason that we wanted to have all the features available to use, look, if you really like the product, and everything is available to you, then you will embrace this and effectively you will sign up to continue to use it. But it is absolutely free and I will encourage everybody out there to take that opportunity to have it go, to be able to share it with colleagues, to share it with other people in another organization for example and get their opinion about the usability, or the ease of use in regards to potentially making your organization a little more efficient.

The pricing is very simple. So when I go pricing here you'll see that the pricing model is very simple. It is $10 a month per user, and on this case, it's a New Zealand dollars. If you are in the States it will be $10 dollars U.S. If you are in Australia it will be 10 Australian dollars. And for Europe it will be 10 Euros, and the rest of the world is by simply 10 U.S. dollars.

It was done that way because of the way it was set up. But what I can say is that for a larger organizations that have multiple users we do have a corporate package which is negotiator on a one to one basis and we would be more happy to be able to discuss that if you are running a large organization for example with over 50 users to 100 users and that's more of a key-account type of management.

Jimmy: What would be considered a user?

Dave: A user is a person that you allow access into your library.

Jimmy: Okay.

Dave: The minimum amount of users that we have for in any given library is 10. So if you wanted to have an organization for example runs meetings like board, you normally have approximately 10 on a board, it would be a $100. And when we do the calculations in regards to printing costs that you have, curing of board packs, and the time that it takes to actually put all those things together, the cost of that surpasses our product cost by far. And at the same time it doesn't allow you the flexibility of updating the information, and the flexibility of the users to be able just to update the iPad and know that the information is completely 100% reliable.

The file storage we have, I put there a 10 gig and there's something there at this point in time has been okay when it regards to usability of who has been using our product. We will be increasing this as we progress as well just to make sure that we keep up to date with the amount of storage that is used by our customers. And it is not necessarily something that's fixed, but at this present time we have just started with a 10 gig per user.

Jimmy: Okay. And from what I see, all of the other options are also included in the pricing

Dave: Yes, absolutely. So that if there is any changes; there isn’t a scale of in regards to, “Hey, if you want to pay more, you’ll get a little bit more.” Now it has been set up this way so that it's simple for you to be able to say, “Hey, look. It’s one package; it's an affordable package,” and we want as many people, obviously, to be able to use this; and it doesn't drain a lot funds in the organization. On the contrary, this is something that we should be able to save