Establishing user permissions for a file in Stellar Library

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Establishing user permissions for a file in Stellar Library

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Dave (Stellar Library)

Dave: Now, one of the things that I do want to show you here, for example, is if I right click on any file and I go to file information, there is a little button here. Normally this button is not clicked and by default the system is saying that people are only allowed to read this information. If I click on this button, it allows readers to share, print or open another application, e-mail, et cetera. What you are actually doing here is that you are allowing people now to be able to download or print it, share it. Do whatever they want with that information.

Jimmy: Okay.

Dave: As I stated at the beginning, we are all about the control of information. So our application is by default, saying, you can only read this information on your iPad. If you tick this, then you are able to see it on another PC or you are allowed to download that information either on an application on your iPad or effectively on your computer as well. But you have to tick this box to be able to make that file that we could open. If not, files by default are all closed and therefore you maintained the consistency of where that information is stored and no one can really access that unless you actually designate them by clicking on this