How to add folders and files in Stellar Library

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How to add folders and files in Stellar Library

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Dave (Stellar Library)

Dave: So, we go back to the library and we can look at, for example, this “Add a Folder”. And I can do it the easy way to do it. If I was to add a folder, I can just type “Test”, and I press “Add”. And as you can see my folder appears here.

Jimmy: Okay.

Dave: When I double click on that, now I am inside that folder. And I can allow access to this folder the people that I designate. By the folder, it says here “Access same as parent folder”. Or if I click on that, and I just want myself, obviously, to access that. Or I can add somebody else. Now, I have all of these people available to me because there are other people on the account that I can just tick or not and then that person, means to say that I want Gavin as that person, Add Selected. Gavin and myself are the only ones that are going to be able to see this folder and also access this folder.

Jimmy: Okay.

Dave: Does that make sense?

Jimmy: Yup.

Dave: And I can also determine if he wants to be edited or he just wants to go in there and view the things. That is up to me.

Jimmy: Okay.

Dave: So, let us put there that he can actually edit as well. That means upload things and he can move things around inside that folder. Or, as we said, we just want to make it so everybody in the parent folder has access to that.

Jimmy: Okay.

Dave: Go back to the library and we are still inside of this “Test” folder we had. We go one step back. We can see that was where we were. And then we want to add a file. We can add pretty much any type of file that you want. We can add PDF. We can add any Microsoft product. We can add audio files with MP3s. We can add video files. We have even started working with construction companies so that you can add CAD files.

Jimmy: Okay.

Dave: So, there’s a lot of flexibility in regards to what type of file set up that you can actually put on to the library. But let us just say that I wanted to just find a photo for example. As you can see, it is just uploading there onto the library.

Jimmy: Okay. So, once this is uploaded, then we will be able to grant access?

Dave: Correct. Now, you have this photo. Photos look like a photo. The whole thing about Stellar Library is that we wanted to make a product that is simple to use. Intuitive in nature. So that your organization can actually have a product that even your lowest common denominator of IT people in your organization can use it. So the Directors and your CEOs might be challenged in this area can actually be able to use a tool and enjoy using it. So there is not a lot of training. There is not a lot of set ups. And we don’t have to have consultants going to your organization and constantly train them.

On the contrary, this is a product that should be able to be used and enjoyed and really comprehended in the space of about 5 minutes. And If I show you another folder for example here, you will see here a video looks like a video?

Jimmy: Right.

Dave: You either have the title or the actual document on the front. Or you actually have the front cover as well.