How to add users to your Stellar Library account

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How to add users to your Stellar Library account

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Dave (Stellar Library)

Dave: Because these are all different organizations, I need to go down to one lowest stair to be able to use all the buttons upstairs. For example, if I go into this account here, as you can see not all of these have been highlighted.

Jimmy: Okay.

Dave: What we have is a “Users” tab and in this “Users” tab, you will see all the people that are in this particular account. I can add a user by putting their email address and their name. And I can determine if they are going to be a Reader or an Assistant Librarian or a Librarian. Now, what is the difference between these? A Librarian is able to upload folders, create folders, upload information and designate who can actually access those folders or files. A reader, as it states, can only just read that information and is not allowed to be able to be uploading information or creating different folders or access labels. So it gives you a little bit of a taste of how you can automatically, as you invite people into your Stellar Library account, you can already start to designate what type of access they can as you control. So I can just put here.

Jimmy: What about Assistant Librarian?

Dave: An Assistant Librarian basically acts like a PA. They have certain ability to be able to create folders and upload certain files but they cannot, for example, they cannot start to add more account users. So it just works like a PA to an executive of an organization. So there’s a little bit of liberty to an Assistant Librarian.

Jimmy: How many users can we add?

Dave: You can have thousands. It is unlimited in regards to how many users you can actually add on here. As long as, when you sign up to an account, you will be asked, “How many users would you like in the organization?” Let us say you have 100, you can just keep on adding this button until you have a hundred users. When you get to the number 100 and you want to add another one, it will you say you need more account holders. We have increments of 5, so you can just add another 5 and then go on that way until you want to add another 5 more. Or if you say, look, I want to have another hundred in the account, just write you want another hundred.

Jimmy: Okay.

Dave: Okay. So adding users is very easy. And as I say, the system is all automated. So the people that you are inviting will receive an automated email that say, “Hey, you have been invited, click on this, you have a username and password” that gets sent to that person and they can then automatically go into Stellar Library and access this folder that you basically sent.