Learn about what Stellar Library can do for you

Stellar Library

Secure Document Distribution

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Learn about what Stellar Library can do for you

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Dave (Stellar Library)

Jimmy: Hi and welcome back to another GetGuide brought to you by GetApp. Today we are joined by David Andrew, and he is the General Manager at Stellar Library. Hi David, how are you?

Dave: Very good, thanks.

Jimmy: So the first question is, I would like to know what Stellar Library is?

Dave: Stellar Library is a product that was designed, and bearing in mind that the security aspects that organizations live in today’s world. We are all concerned about cyber security. We are all concerned about leakage of information inside our organizations. So when you think about Stellar Library, you have really got to think about control of information and allowing certain people to access files that you designate. That is really the Ethos of why we created Stellar Library.

Jimmy: Okay, and who would you say is a perfect fit to be using Stellar Library in comparison to any other product or service that might do something similar?

Dave: Yes, sure. There are a lot of people using that product from different paths of the organization. In general, you are trying to deal with people that have embraced tablets and that have embraced mobile application, to be able to take information to areas where potential laptop can be cumbersome. So we are having people that are using our product for paperless meetings. All the way from a governance levels.

For example, in a big corporation, Directors of the company are using all of the papers and all of the details that they need to read for a meeting. They put that all in Stellar Library and obviously, that is in controlled environment. Moving down the line, if you are in a corporate world, we have sales and marketing. That department is using our product to be able to distribute information to multiple geographical locations, to multiple individuals inside the organization, so they can have up to date information at all times. So for example, a sales person goes into a meeting. He needs to know stock labels or price changes. He only needs to update his iPad and therefore, the information is available to him and he knows that it is the correct information, because somebody at Head Office, for example, is controlling that information for him to actually see.

And then we flow all the way into both public and private sector, government entities like councils of counties in government are using this not only for meetings, but to be able to make sure that information does not leak from that organization. We have clubs and churches, for example, uses simple format to be able to record what is actually happening and be able to store that information. And certain people that need to access that, they can. So there is a variety of uses as you can see. What we have created is a really dynamic tool. And what we are trying to do is to be able to give you as much information about this tool so that you can actually think, “Oh man, that would be great to be able to use it in my organization for this or for that”. We got lots of case studies and example, but a little bit is up to you as well.

Jimmy: So, in summary, what Stellar Library is, correct me if I am wrong, is a tool that allows someone to manage documents and give certain people access and viewing permissions to them?

Dave: Correct. It is power management, more so than power distribution. We do have spaces collaborative as well. But at the end of the day, what we are all about is more about the control of that information more so than anything else.