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Universal Knowledge

Multi-solution knowledge management product

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Universal Knowledge overview

Universal Knowledge by Knowledge Powered Solutions is a knowledge management system which provides solutions for contact centers, help desks, internal knowledge management, and web self-service portals. The software can be integrated with a range of ITSM (IT Service Management), help desk, and CRM systems, websites & self-service portals, and social media channels.

Universal Knowledge enables users to leverage existing knowledge sources, including shared Word, PDF, html, and other files, intranets, external websites, and document management systems like Sharepoint, without needing to move or duplicate information. Documents indexing is an automated process, with concepts and patterns within document sets determined and keywords extracted automatically by the system. Users can configure the taxonomic framework to suit their needs, set up templates and stylesheets to automatically apply correct styling and structure to documents, and define content expiry and revalidation schedules. Content can also be added and edited manually by users, with a full audit trail created, showing all previous versions of each document.

Universal Knowledge includes natural language search, which allows users to search for solutions as if asking a question, rather than searching individual keywords or phrases. The inbuilt self-learning mechanism captures the phrasing used in searches and uses this to enrich the index for future inquiries, enabling the system to return the most relevant content based on the overall intent of a search, even if specific keywords are not present. Specific content can also be pushed to end users through the system, including displaying ‘Hot Topics’ as soon as the knowledge base is accessed, or by sending and tracking ‘Required Reading’ such as new policies or critical updates. A list of ‘Frequently Offered Solutions’ is dynamically created from the documents which are most widely used to resolve issues, ensuring that the list remains up-to-date and accurately reflects the most commonly used solutions.


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United States, Australia, Canada, Europe, United Kingdom

Supported languages

English, Danish, Dutch, French, German and 5 other languages, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish
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Universal Knowledge is available for a minimum of 15 users.

Universal Knowledge features

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Additional information for Universal Knowledge

Key features of Universal Knowledge

  • Natural language search
  • Self-learning
  • Multi-lingual index & search
  • User-defined content expiry & revalidation schedules
  • Simple content editor
  • Configurable taxonomy structure
  • Dynamic document repositories
  • Review & approval workflows
  • Full audit trails
  • Document versions
  • Customer feedback capture
  • Customizable templates
  • Style sheets
  • Knowledge capture
  • Notifications portal
  • Custom reporting
  • Report dashboards
  • Automatic index process
  • Keyword extraction
  • Image & video embedding
  • Dynamic FAQs
  • ‘Required Reading’
  • Self-service portal
  • Guided problem solving
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Existing knowledge assets can be indexed and listed automatically, with multiple knowledge sources searched, patterns and concepts determined from within document sets, and keywords automatically extracted.

The built-in natural language search and self-learning capabilities allow users to search content by asking questions using natural phrases rather than keywords, with the system continually adding the phrasing used in searches into the index.

For important campaign information, new policies, or critical updates, users can employ the ‘Required Reading’ feature to track which customer service staff and help desk agents have received and read notices.

An automatically-generated list of the most used documents creates a dynamic ‘Frequently Offered Solutions’ section accessible by agents and available on the self-service portal, ensuring that the selection reflects the documents which are most commonly accessed without requiring manual maintenance.

User behavior, including search histories, knowledge contributions, and search success rates, can be tracked and used to identify training needs and recognize the contribution of authors of the most widely used documents.