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Customize and Automate Your Document Generation

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WebMerge overview

It's simple! You will set up a document (or template) in WebMerge, integrate it with popular services to send your data to that document, and we’ll send you a merged copy.

With our various document types you can create professional looking documents that will fit right in with your business. Whether you need a secure PDF, a dynamically generated document, or the flexibility of a Word/Excel/PowerPoint, WebMerge supports it all.

Once you're finished creating your merged document, you can choose from one of WebMerge's powerful delivery options, such as via email, saving it in the cloud, or sending it to another 3rd party.

"Since WebMerge, cleverly combined with Zapier, has taken the burden of transferring user data into fillable pdfs, I have more time to focus on other more important aspects of the project and our business."
- Derek Foster

"We save 20-40 hours a month with WebMerge"
- Daniel Yeoman

"We now have a powerful and quick rendering process for PDf that allows the business to design Word docs and allow to quickly have these running on the web."
- Peter Barton


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WebMerge screenshot: Flexible ways to merge documentsAutomate Your Document Creation with WebMergeWebMerge screenshot: Powerful delivery optionsWebMerge screenshot: Online HTML document builderWebMerge screenshot: Easy document management

WebMerge reviews

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Ease of use
Customer support
Matthew Stafford

Streamline workflows and

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-08-09
Review Source: GetApp

WebMerge is an extremely valuable tool our business has been using for almost 2 years now. Prior to utilizing WebMerge we had numerous individuals manually creating invoices as both Excel and PDF documents. Once the documents were created the individuals had to manually place them in folders in DropBox, on a server and/or e-mail them to clients. The process was tedious and time consuming to say the least. With WebMerge these processes are now completely automated! This has increased efficiency, cut costs, and allowed individuals to focus on more important parts of the business. The time and money that it has saved us is tremendous. Additionally, the customer support has truly been amazing. In the rare instance we encountered a technical issue/had a question/requested custom service the typical response time to a support ticket was less than 2 hours (around an 45 minutes to 1 hour in most cases). After the initial reply the support team typically responded to follow-ups within a few minutes. They worked with us and had a solution/answer for everything. The customer service is truly is professional and top-notch. Overall, WebMerge is an amazing tool that has automated many aspects of our business and we keep finding more ways to integrate it into our growing business needs and expanding brands. I looked at other programs before eventually deciding to go with WebMerge and while there are similar platforms, none of them quite matched what WebMerge can do and continues to do in order to help our business succeed.

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Customize and Automate Your Document Generation

Aaron Wesson

A great way to merge several documents into one easy to handle PDF!

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2016-10-14
Review Source: GetApp

Webmerge is a great service. It allows you to take lots of data from one entity, send it to WebMerge and in using rules allows you to build a package of files to be used by other means. The interface is a little confusing at first, but hints and such that pop up while you are working through the process helps. I love that it allows me to add CC individuals to the packages so that they can watch its progress. As for customer service, My rep and his team are very knowledgeable and assist very quickly! They even provide custom services, which we have utilized several times. When dealing with them, you don't feel like a customer you feel like family. Overall, this is a great program for a great price with amazing customer service to boot!Customer Service Custom Services Ease of use (once you learn the layout) The possibilities of use are huge Connections to several other providers that make the merge even more powerful

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Customize and Automate Your Document Generation

Darius Grimes

Custom reporting and automation

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2016-11-22
Review Source: GetApp

Before we found WebMerge we were manually building reports with MS Word and Excel using csv files. After WebMerge, we were able to automate everything saving thousands of man hours a year and accelerating the time from inspection to delivery of our reports. If you need a robust report creation and delivery tool WebMerge may be what you have been looking for.Works with any application that has a JSON feed or WebHook. Simple to use editor or you can use pdf, word, or excel templates and deliver everything as an editable or PDFa file. By being able to custom design and brand our deliverable we are competing at a level not easily achieved by other companies in our industry. Support for the product has always been fast and very helpful.

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Customize and Automate Your Document Generation

Jason Plaza

WebMerge creates clean professional reports. Tech support is great!

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2017-11-10
Review Source: Capterra

Clean professional looking reports that can be automatically distributed with ease.I few years ago our department began using Formstack for yearly performance evaluations. We wanted an on-line solution that was easy to use and produced professional documents. Formstack was easy to use, but the end product was not what we hoped for. I found WebMerge integrated with Formstack very nicely and the software produced an end product that was professional looking and easy to read. We were able to import our logo and arrange the document that worked best for our needs. WebMerge also gave us the capability of forwarding these reports automatically to command staff. We now use WebMerge for Training Requests and to reports incidents, injuries or damage that occurs at our facilities.

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Customize and Automate Your Document Generation

Kimberly Peña

Dream big with WebMerge

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-06-29
Review Source: Software Advice

If your aiming for a better, I mean best future... choose WebMerge. It will help you organize and lead you to a better path. All your files can automatically send to your email and to online data storage as long as you have internet connection. With WebMerge you can easily and automatically generate reports, contracts, simplify quotes, streamline proposals, and etc.Before it takes me 5 days to 1 weeks to compile every files that I have on my computer but thanks to WebMerge, it's like a snap of a finger to organize it all. That's why I love WebMerge. It's a build in one, whenever you need PDF, document or Word document, Excel spreadsheet, or PowerPoint presentation.

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Customize and Automate Your Document Generation

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  • Clear, simple, reliable.
  • Branded output of data submitted
  • Price, reliability and how fast my clients receive the contract.
  • Great Customer service, lots of flexibility to talk with other apps, and user interface
  • price is a bit high
  • Nothing bad to say at all!
  • There are no "cons" to this service!
  • Limits on the number of merges are a bit low.
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Key features of WebMerge

  • Automatically fill out PDF document
  • Streamline Word document generation
  • Create powerful Excel spreadsheets
  • Generate customized PowerPoint presentations
  • HTML document builder
  • Multiple users and collaboration
  • Privacy and security
  • Data routing
  • Dynamic formatting
  • Conditional deliveries
  • Upload your own data
  • Integrate with cloud storage
  • Easily send documents for e-signature
  • Automatically print and mail documents
  • Send documents to 3rd party services


*Streamline Your Workflow*
You are juggling many different tasks and in order to grow (and maintain sanity), you must automate as much as you can. With WebMerge, you can simplify your workflow, allowing you to spend time on other, more crucial responsibilities. We know you have a lot on your plate - let us help you!

*Increase Productivity*
WebMerge houses all of your most important contract and document templates in the app. This means that any time you or your team members need to quickly create a document, you'll never have to start from scratch. We'll provide you with everything you need to create, merge and send any document you need.

*Improve Customer Service*
Optimal customer service is what will keep your sales cycle moving faster and your current customers happier. Whether it's getting a contract to a potential homebuyer or finalizing important patient information, the success of your company thrives off timely and quality customer service. With WebMerge, you will automate your entire documentation process, empowering you to execute on the best customer service.