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Wizdom overview

Wizdom is a customizable intranet solution which enables users to create and manage their own digital workplace with custom branding, rich media content, a news portal, a form designer, gamification, and more. Wizdom provides complete SharePoint and Office 365 functionality so users can collaborate with their team. The cloud platform is fully responsive so that all content is accessible from all devices. It also has a webpart template manager and options for custom branding. It includes a news portal for communicating information across the intranet, international language support, and access to media content through image galleries, videos, picture sliders, and more.

Wizdom helps manage and enhance employee productivity through KPI and BI reports, and offers a people directory for searching coworkers, Office 365 integration, quick links for frequently accessed resources, and more. The Wizdom CMS lets users create any type of content using templates and metadata tagging. It offers intranet building blocks with customization features to shape the intranet according to the user’s specific requirements.


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Wizdom screenshot: Create a fully customizable digital workplace intranet solution for all internet-enabled devicesWizdom - Power your work dayWizdom screenshot: Manage and collaborate on projects or areas of interest from the intranetWizdom screenshot: Display only the workspaces favorited by the userWizdom screenshot: Admins can define a fixed set of workspace types with distinct abilities, metadata information, and roles

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Wizdom features

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Customizable Branding
Permission Management
Search Functionality

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Additional information for Wizdom

Key features of Wizdom

  • 1:1 content translation
  • @mentions & likes
  • Activity/new feed
  • CMS editor dashboard
  • Chat/messaging
  • Comment options
  • Custom branding
  • Department staff overview
  • Discussions/forums
  • Employee directory
  • Fully responsive
  • Gamification
  • Intranet analytics
  • KPIs & BI
  • Knowledge management
  • Language support
  • Metadata tagging
  • Office 365 integration
  • Organizational guidelines
  • Page revision date
  • Permission management
  • Photo gallery
  • Project management
  • Quicklinks
  • Rich media support (images, videos, picture sliders)
  • Search functionality
  • Social sharing
  • Task administration
  • Template management
  • Webpart template manager
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• Wizdom offers complete SharePoint and Office 365 functionality.

• A responsive cloud platform means Wizdom is accessible from all devices.

• Generates KPI and BI reports and offers quick links, analytics, a people directory, and intranet analytics.

• Wizdom provides a news portal, international language support, and access to media content through sliders, galleries, etc.

• Wizdom supports customizable branding, allowing users to change the colors, fonts, logos and headers of their intranet to match their company's corporate branding guidelines.