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  • Published 9 January 2017 by Stephanie Miles
    If you are still struggling to organize your (digital) files, collaborate with annoying coworkers and clients with cumbersome attachments, or fumbling with your thumb drives, it’s time to get modern and use a file-sharing service. There are dozens of document sharing and knowledge management apps currently on the market, but the quality and the features … Continue Reading
    5 Handy File-Sharing Apps for Small Businesses
  • Published 30 December 2016 by Lauren Maffeo
    Happy New Year! We hope you took some time to spend the holidays with loved ones and celebrate your achievements this past year. We did the same thing here at GetApp; for us, that involved reviewing our top 10 posts of 2016. And we discovered few interesting trends. Two of our 10 most-viewed posts discussed Skype for Business. One reviewed … Continue Reading
    Android and MailChimp and Skype, Oh My! GetApp’s Top 10 Posts of 2016
  • Published 16 December 2016 by Deeksha Malik
    Great presentations aren’t only for people who wear black turtlenecks. If you want your presentations to be engaging, memorable and audience-centric, you need to find the best presentation tools for the job. And believe it or not this isn’t always PowerPoint. In this article, we’ll explain how to choose the right presentation software for your small … Continue Reading
    How to Pick the Best Presentation Tools for Your Small Business
  • Published 10 October 2016 by Matt Mullarkey-Toner
    You’ve probably heard about Slack: the messenger that’s receiving rave reviews from companies and organizations who have incorporated it into their work. It has an intuitive design, plenty of integrations, and nifty features like embedded YouTube videos. It also doesn’t hurt that it taps into a nostalgia for classic messaging programs like AIM, MSN Messenger, … Continue Reading
    10 Top Tips for a Slick Slack Meeting
  • Published 29 June 2016 by Vanessa Rombaut
    The recently launched Microsoft Planner is the latest project collaboration tool to hit the market, and it’s worth a look if you’re an Office 365 subscriber. With Planner, Microsoft finally catches up with ongoing digital trends by offering up an intuitive project collaboration tool based on the kanban-management style, popularized by other project collaboration tools … Continue Reading
    Microsoft Planner vs Trello vs Asana: Small Business Project Collaboration Apps Compared
  • Published 19 May 2016 by Matt Mullarkey-Toner
    Slack is a collaboration tool that is aiming to kill email by combining instant messaging, email, and file sharing into one place. Don’t worry if you aren’t blown away: this sounds like a claim by just about any SaaS company hoping to be the next big thing. Currently, the company appears to (at least) have … Continue Reading
    Beginner’s Guide to Slack and Its Integrations
  • Published 29 October 2015 by Karen McCandless
    Planbox CEO Ludwig Melik is an entrepreneur at heart. Starting one company that became a market leader was not enough for him; he now heads Planbox, which combines project management methodologies with innovation management. GetApp spoke to Melik to find out exactly how this combination can bring about major transformation in businesses, talk about the … Continue Reading
    GetApp Meets: Planbox CEO Ludwig Melik on Combining Innovation and Project Management
  • Published 31 August 2015 by Karen McCandless
    Long gone are the days when all you could do within your office suite was format some words, do some simple calculations, and add a few bullet points to your (probably fairly dry) presentation. There are now some nifty collaboration and productivity apps out there – and as they all have a cloud-element and can … Continue Reading
    Google Apps vs Office 365 vs Zoho Docs: Comparing Productivity Apps for Small Businesses
  • Published 19 August 2015 by Nastya Savelyeva
    They say that teamwork makes the dream work. But what happens when that team consists of disparate people spread across the country – or even other time zones? Could this dream quickly turn into a logistical nightmare? Even though virtual teams are a relatively new trend, the idea of having staff split across locations is … Continue Reading
    Bringing It All Together: How to Better Manage a Virtual Team
  • Published 14 July 2015 by Diana Berryman
    The right project management software can make or break a business. It’s a strong statement but if your competitors are on the case with the latest tech to create a smooth project from beginning to end, ensuring better collaboration, communication, scheduling, and tracking for employees and clients, then sticking with emails and file sharing isn’t … Continue Reading
    10 Tips to Help You Choose Project Management Software