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What is there left to explain when you are getting the complete MS Office Suite multiple places. You are not only getting the suite, but there are quite some exclusives available to a subscribed user. The exclusives include a limited time upgrade to the next MS Office when it becomes available, provided your subscribed time is still to avail. You also get a terabyte's worth of cloud storage which seems an ample amount of storage as all you really do have are spreadsheets or presentations. You can download the software on a Mac or PC and also run programs such as Microsoft Word, Visio, Excel, and PowerPoint online via browsers without needing to fill up your hard drive. Another name for Office 365 is office online which is rightfully given because all the facilities are available online. This creates an ideal situation for the user as there are minimal load times when running in the browser and there is no harm to the computer as a unit. The resources drained are minimal, and there are no strains on the processor as well. This enables us to multi-task more easily by switching tab-to-tab for creating a presentation instead of first opening a presentation then dedicating the browser to hunt for resources. Perhaps the major achievement is the cloud service which synchronizes different content to our Microsoft account. We can go later on, download Skype for business as well on our machines. The cloud service enables us to simultaneously work on our mobile and computer alike so there is no data loss and it also develops a sort of continuum which does prove helpful.

Victoria Anniston
Attended NewYork Institute of technology