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Mason Pain
19th of February 20:24
The worst..... Going to do a short list here... -No consistent browser compatibility/takes two browsers to send one email: I have to design & preview emails in Chrome but content does not load in guided send box, so I have to send them via Safari, but in Safari content doesn't load in preview tab, so I'm basically sending blindly once I've created the email in Chrome. -Lag time: It can take up to one minute for pages to load within the platform. The platform times out on me at least 3 or 4 times a day when trying to navigate through different pages in the console. -Customer service: Non-existent. The service our account manager has provided has been abysmal. When I tried to communicate these issues they were ignored until I said something on Twitter. He then took them seriously, but to the day, has still never provided me with a resolution, and would not even follow up on progress unless I prompted him by asking where we're at in the process. We also received 3 invoices after paying a massive lump sum, that are apparently due payments on the invoice we've already paid. I've been trying to get ahold of accounting there for a week to no avail. This afternoon I was even transferred to HP (the computer company) when I asked to speak to accounts payable dept. No lie. That really happened. I could go on for hours... but I have to struggle through their platform to get some more emails out for the rest of the day. We're moving platforms next week and I cannot wait. Our annual cost with the new platform will be less than one quarter with Exacttarget. tl;dr version: The UX is terrible, customer service is non-existent, and it's massively overpriced. Look elsewhere - avoid at all costs.

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