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Jose Manuel Ortiz
14th of May 15:28
Jotform easy web-based form tool for non-programmers. Jotform is an online drag and drop form application builder for people with little time to spend on programming and coding. Jotform is designed to make it easy for users to quickly design their forms, test them and put them into production in very little time. Experienced users can create forms and push them into live mode in amatter of minutes. But Jotform really is thought for the unexperienced, non-programmer user who wants to design form applications and does not want to deal with any coding at all. The application works through an online interface/work area in which an empty space is filled with fields and texts that the user selects and drop until a form is created in the feel and manner of the user. Once the form is completed with fields and texts, the experienced user can copy the code that the application generates for him and past it in any website and the form will display in the manner it was design. You can make any modifications to form at the source, and the destination page in which the code was pasted will automatically update all the changes and modification made. The best feature of Jotform is that you can test it for free, they allow one of the best bargain in the market: 100 submission, 10 secure submission and 10 submission with payment, all for free. I have not seen this offered anywhere yet. The other great feature of Jotform is that you can get your collected data and take anywhere you want: Google spreadsheets, an SQL database or download to your local excel application. Perhaps the area in which Joftorm needs improvement is the way you sort the collected data in their severs, especially if you have data collected that needs to be validate by a human hand. Of course, this types of form are more more advanced, cuttingedge project. For the average form developer, Jotform is the perfect tool.

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