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10th of July 19:00
If you are a SME, Infusionsoft is not for you.. The problem of this product is, Infusionsoft pays $500 referral fee to the person introduce to them. So a lot of contractors will say that infusionsoft is good. But those contractor may only know how to use 5% of the product, which is similar to other lower cost competitors which pays less referral fees. And when you want to cancel, my experience is they will skip your emails. Here is our story: Infusionsoft charges $2000 start up cost +$299 per month of service fee, the Sales says if it is not for us, they will do something to credit the upfront $2000 back to us. After our company used it for a month we emailed Sales saying infusionsoft is not for us, he says that he will forward the message to customer service. We haven't heard from infusionsoft again, we have followed up with Sales with no reply. Our credit card is billed month after month, which forced us to call my credit card to cancel the card. Then someone from Infusionsoft customer service emailed us saying we have unpaid balance. We asked him to communicate with Sales and credit us back for the months that we didn't use. The customer service rep disappeared again. I personally would not recommend any company to use their service. - Most companies would not need such a BIG solution. If you are big enough you will go to SAP. - Their $500 referral fee, and false sales promises is not someone would look for. - Don't worry about cancelling with them, they skip these emails.

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