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Viewpoint use case: Kyle Morgan

Kyle Morgan

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17th of January, 2017
Decent ERP System for the Construction Industry

Viewpoint is our ERP system for better or worse. The functionality is there for just about everything needed in the construction industry; however, it's not always the most user-friendly. When Viewpoint introduces updates and there are bugs, it can take months for Viewpoint to fix them in a new release. If it's something you need to be fixed now, be prepared to pay Viewpoint to fix the problem.

What do you like best?

Covers almost all aspects needed in the construction industry Highly customizable Easy to create custom reports Database isn't locked down

What do you dislike?

Viewpoint will find every way possible to charge you for support They have a bad habit of pushing out updates without thoroughly testing them

What is your main use case with Viewpoint?

Handles all of our accounting, contracts, jobs, HR, payroll, etc.

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Recommendations to others considering Viewpoint

I would highly recommend having someone on your staff that can handle inhouse bug fixes or customization of the database; otherwise, you'll be paying a much higher rate to Viewpoint for anything you need. This is compounded when you start adding in applications that integrate with Viewpoint, like Mobile Field Manger (now owned by VP, but still has major integration issues).

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2+ years

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