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Appointment management system with automated text reminders

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10to8 use case: David Newman, D.Sc., C.Ht.

David Newman, D.Sc., C.Ht.

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11th of October, 2016
We decided to switch

We have been with Schedulicity for 7 years. I saw a steady decline in customer service and the quality of their system. I have resisted switching since all of our contacts and clients notes were in the system. We finally got fed up with the poor service and made the switch. 10 to 8 made the transition quick and very easy!

What do you like best?

Easy and layout of the screens. Easy to import existing clients, and I like that we can have more interaction with our clients without taking a lot of our time away from our day to day duties

What do you dislike?

Very minor learning curve. Once you get the hang of it, it is so much easer than other systems I have tried

Why did you end up selecting 10to8 over other applications?

Just plain better for our needs

If so, why did you switch?

Their product was becoming unrealiable, and the practice was growing and they were becoming too expensive for the benefits we received.

What is your main use case with 10to8?

Booking appointments and session notes for our hypnotherapy practice

Give one example how 10to8 has improved the way your organization functions

the SMS texting of reminders to our clients

What is your ROI?

Presently about 5%

Likelihood to recommend


Recommendations to others considering 10to8

I would suggest you give the free plan a trial use, and see how it goes. For us it was the right decision. 10 to 8 provides better product and service, more features, and is less expensive than the service we switched from

Time used

Less than 6 months

Frequency of use


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