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Ensure validated and standardzed address throughout your Salesforce org. Many data cleansing features including; Timezone population, Zip-code autofil

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AddressTools overview

AddressTools is a simple extension to the standard Salesforce interface which provides a vast range of address data cleansing features including an Autocomplete list on the country and state fields together with validation against a standardised list. Your users will no longer be left wondering which names to use and will make the entry less error prone.

Furthermore, AddressTools provides automatic time zone population from an address, so you can easily see the time offset and time zone region of your objects. In addition to this; scheduled, batch and interactive street level validation will validate and standardize all fields of an address and provide alternative suggestions if any part of the address is incorrect.


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United States, Asia, Australia, Canada, China and 7 other markets, Europe, Germany, India, Japan, Latin America, Middle-East and Africa, United Kingdom

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AddressTools Premium is priced at $1.00 per user per month. With discounts for larger orgs.

Subject to a minimum yearly charge of $600 (equivalent to 50 users).

AddressTools features

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Additional information for AddressTools

Key features of AddressTools

  • US Zip-Code City/State/Country Auto-fill
  • Quickcomplete Country
  • Real-time Country Standardization
  • Timezone Auto-Population From Address
  • Common Country & State Misspellings Correction
  • Add/Edit/Hide Country Records via standard SF UI
  • Option to Store ISO Code Country Values
  • Add/Edit/Hide State Records via standard SF UI
  • State/Province Validation & Picklist
  • Auto-completion (hint on input)
  • Allow manual state input for countries where no picklist
  • Standardization and correction for countries on existing dat
  • State/Province Standardization
  • Interactive Street Level Validation
  • Common State Misspellings Correction
  • Scheduled Batch Validation
  • Works on all standard & custom objects. Inc VisualForce
  • Real-time Standardization and correction of external data
  • Phone International Dialling Codes
  • Simple AppExchange Installation
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AddressTools does not require you to make any changes to your Salesforce objects, custom triggers or form edits. Walkthrough installation videos and detailed guides are also available to assist you through the installation process.