AddressTools Features


Ensure validated and standardzed address throughout your Salesforce org. Many data cleansing features including; Timezone population, Zip-code autofil

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AddressTools Feature Summary

  • US Zip-Code City/State/Country Auto-fill
  • Quickcomplete Country
  • Real-time Country Standardization
  • Timezone Auto-Population From Address
  • Common Country & State Misspellings Correction
  • Add/Edit/Hide Country Records via standard SF UI
  • Option to Store ISO Code Country Values
  • Add/Edit/Hide State Records via standard SF UI
  • State/Province Validation & Picklist
  • Auto-completion (hint on input)
  • Allow manual state input for countries where no picklist
  • Standardization and correction for countries on existing dat
  • State/Province Standardization
  • Interactive Street Level Validation
  • Common State Misspellings Correction
  • Scheduled Batch Validation
  • Works on all standard & custom objects. Inc VisualForce
  • Real-time Standardization and correction of external data
  • Phone International Dialling Codes
  • Simple AppExchange Installation

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