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Agile CRM use case: Jói Sigurdsson

Jói Sigurdsson

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23rd of November, 2016
Very feature rich. Marketing features incomplete or unstable

AgileCRM keeps on improving, and the "typical sales CRM" side of it seems pretty solid and reasonably user friendly, but I have wasted SO MUCH TIME on the marketing and email automation side of it. I'm mostly back to MailChimp now which is a much better solution for most of those things. I think AgileCRM is being used by a lot of companies to spam their customers. If I include a link to their meeting booking tool in my email signature, my emails tend to be categorized as spam, but not if I leave it out.

What do you like best?

Very feature rich. Many powerful features and integrations. Decent reporting and functionality around standard sales CRM stuff.

What do you dislike?

Clunky and difficult experience around marketing automation. Tendency to have features that are only half-baked, although they do improve over time.

Why did you end up selecting Agile CRM over other applications?

I liked the idea of combining the sales CRM and the marketing automation in one product, the thought being we could see prospects progress from the inbound pipeline over to the sales pipeline, but this has not proven useful enough to outweigh the cost of using a clunky marketing automation tool vs. something slick like MailChimp.

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Recommendations to others considering Agile CRM

I'd go with MailChimp for any email campaign needs you have. If it can't be done with MailChimp (e.g. mass mailing folks who didn't actually subscribe to your mailing list) then perhaps you shouldn't be doing it. As a sales CRM, Agile CRM is not a bad choice, but I don't think it's the most user friendly either. It doesn't seem focused around any particular way of doing sales. Currently I'm looking at Streak as a way of bringing our CRM into our Gmail inbox, but it's not necessarily the appropriate tool for everyone.

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