Booker’s email marketing and surveying features

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Booker’s email marketing and surveying features

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Bernie (Booker Software)

Bernie: As we just touched the first one on here, the Facebook-Twitter allows you to directly communicate with your social media following. Next, we would have email campaigns. What this is allowing you to do is actually build an email campaign in Booker. We fully integrate with MailChimp. What you're able to do is simply, you know, how I had shown you in the customer's tab to create a report based on a certain customer's segment. That segment I can then select here, all my new customers I've identified, it's pooling all those customers in that view and allowing me to create an email campaign around it. Being a demo account, it's not actually going to pool any real information. It would send this right on over to MailChimp. It allows you to pick who you want to send it to, build that list out, send it right over to MailChimp where you just build the email template, and can mail that out to all of your clients.

Jimmy: I have a couple of questions here. When this campaign is set up within Booker, you're going to be redirected to the MailChimp app to finish the campaign and send it off through them?

Bernie: Yeah, there's a full integration here. Once I've created this email campaign, what it's doing is sending that list over to MailChimp. I'm going to log in to my MailChimp account. I can just simply pull up that campaign, build a template, and send it out to all my guests through that portal. The two work together.

Jimmy: You're basically creating, within Booker, a new list that will be added to MailChimp for whatever you chose. For example, new customers?

Bernie: Exactly.

Jimmy: That's extremely useful. Wow!

Bernie: To take that one step further, Jimmy, these are things that we can also embed those special links. I can also go in here and get in a high level, but this shows that the beauty of this platform is that within the resources, I can even ... an appointment. If I wanted to promote a specific aromatherapy massage with a specific staff member, I can just add this.

Jimmy: Oh, and you can select the time, the day, and everything. For example, say we have a - this is available. Maybe there's a discount for this time slot and this is the link to -

Bernie: Absolutely.

Jimmy: Okay, wow.

Bernie: I can take that, I can go to MailChimp. I can embed this in text much like my other special, and when they click on that link, you'll see it populating the date, the service that I've put in here, just helping to really funnel them to the book, making it easy on the client as it is for the merchant in the back end of our ...

Jimmy: Going back to what you said earlier on how it's a challenge to stay engaged with your customers, this is one of these ways that gives you that perfect excuse to always be in touch and always offering something just a little bit special there.

Bernie: Yeah and, Jimmy, let's take that a step further. Not only do I want to make sure that I'm engaging them, but I also want feedback. Face to face, it's sometimes tough for us to get these candid opinions. What I can do, what a lot of my merchants do, is within this Appointment Thank You email. Once the appointment is closed in our system, this can send an automated "thank you." Within this "thank you," I can also embed a survey link. This is a survey I can build within Booker so I can create as many surveys as I wish. I create my questions as well as how they are answered. As you can see, when they click on that link, it's branded to my business. It fits the color scheme of my website, and then I'm writing my questions as well as picking how they're answered. Star ratings, multiple choice. We have pick lists, single line and paragraph text, and then it's always grabbing that customer's information. I'm able to, then, analyze my results and pool testimonials in the back end of my reporting.