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Booker’s remarketing automation and business intelligence platform

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Bernie (Booker Software)

Bernie: We've touched on most of these. The customized colors. This is going to allow you to really add in your logos, change the color schemes. Not only the back end of this platform can be branded to your business, but also the customer-facing side here. The online booking engine. What I want to touch on here would be then an automated remarketing component, another feature here, Booker Promote. Basically, what this will do for our merchants is scan through the customer's appointment and purchase histories, calculate the number of days since their last visit, based on those number of days, they're going to fall into one of these buckets so they can send them an incentive in 30 days to get them back through the doors. They can just simply click here and book. This is all automated so it's constantly scanning through - seeing when they've booked, when they've last purchased, when they've last interacted with us, and sending them a tailored discount or incentive to get them back through the doors. We are giving them an insight through how to tweak their marketing campaigns to retain the most best possible. This will show them their email performance, how many of these are being clicked on, what the industry averages are, as well as what services clients are booking, and which bucket is bringing in the most guests.

Jimmy: This is great because it's - an example that I think a lot of people have heard already but it's much easier to resell somebody that's already purchased from you than to try and continuously invent new customers. If you have all these people already there, why not reach out to them systematically and with a very structured and scheduled way?

Bernie: Absolutely. It's making sure that they are retaining guests, that they are keeping their staff's calendars full. This is something that I've seen pay for Booker times over. It's really nice to be able to give back to our merchants in this way.

Jimmy: That is very true. It's one of these things that - it's a feature that if they get a couple clients a month from just this feature alone, they're paying for the platform.

Bernie: To wrap up here, Jimmy, with all we've shown you, we also have this business intelligence dashboard that we've now released. What this does is gives them better insight into that marketing spent. When we were booking that appointment for you, they're on the 6th. I had went in and edited how you heard about us, and that source, so it was a customer referral. What we've included here for our merchants, the ability to track how this customer heard about you and where this is showing up for them is right in this business intelligence dashboard. They're going to be able to see, based on the marketing dollars they've spent, what's actually bringing things back through their door. It's going to show them how many sales this has brought in, what's still on that appointment calendar, how many customers, what percentage are returning, new, unknown as well as how many appointments this has generated. Again, being a demo account, no live things in here, but it's allowing you to track these very easily.