How to adjust an appointment and how to make a sale in Booker

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How to adjust an appointment and how to make a sale in Booker

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Bernie (Booker Software)

Bernie: Like I said, this is the home base. This is where I can add, edit, make changes. I can also pull, drop this down if I needed to change who is performing this appointment. What this is also allowing me to do from the front desk is check guests in. What this is giving me, by shading this a different color, is a status so I know where everyone is within the business. What this can also do, if I have it set up, is provide a check-in alert so if Fred likes a bottle of water every time he comes in, I'm able to set up that pop-up alert for the front desk attendant. What I can also do then, after I've checked this in, the appointment has been completed, is check it out. This does function as our full point of sale whereas I can just right click then click "take payment check out," automatically redirecting us to our order screen where I can set up a check out alert, add any products to this ticket here directly. I can even use a barcode scanner, sell a gift certificate, a membership, apply a special. Right from the appointments calendar, I can jump right to the order screen with one click of a button, and then take that payment.

Jimmy: You can take care of a lot of things at once.

Bernie: What I found, our point of sale really helps expedite that process at the front desk at check out, at check in, so that you're able to, number one, start off on the right foot and a great first impression. Number two is their leaving - it's quick, it's easy, it's efficient. They leave with an awesome end to a great experience.