How to create a class and how to add students to it in Booker

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How to create a class and how to add students to it in Booker

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Bernie (Booker Software)

Bernie: I'm going to schedule a 12 o'clock class here with George. I'm just going to click on this little drop down through his schedule. I'm going to go to "Schedule Class." Based on what I've built within the system, it's allowing me to pick what type of class this is. Let's say a yoga class. I'm selecting between my different modalities here, and then I'm just simply selecting the room. The room is tied to the capacity, so this allows me to set a limit on how many I can allow into this class. This room can fit 20 people, but let's say I only want 15 because I only have one instructor. I can then open up a waitlist. Let's say I'm going to allow 5 people to get on my waitlist. I just simply select the time. I can also set up repeats, so if this is a class that is meeting daily, weekly, or monthly, I can just build that out in the system. Let's just say that this is - I want to schedule this out every Monday for 10 Mondays. With a click of a button, in setting up those repeats, I'm able to easily schedule this class. It's giving me confirmation. Some of the icons here I can just hover over. I know that this is now a repeating class.

Jimmy: Now when somebody wants to sign up for this class, what are the different options for a member to sign up?

Bernie: They can always call us. We also offer on that online flexibility. Let me just pull up my online booking engine attached to my demo account here. Here, this is the online interface. This will allow them to not only schedule an appointment, but also a class. This class, I can just select it here, add it to a cart, go to check out. Based on the information the merchant is requiring from that guest, they'll enter this here. This is real time so it's saving that spot for 10 minutes while they fill this out. It can even hold payment information, require that they accept the cancellation policy, and the class is booked. You can also - say they call us. This is also very easily done in the back end of the calendar. Whereas I can just go to Open Class and say I'm sick at participants. The system is very intuitive. When I add this user, it's going to set up that booking alert. I know that he usually flakes on me. I can make sure he receives emails, make sure he receives text, and add him to the class. As you can see, it's giving me a little bar here so I know how full it's getting. I can just quickly add additional participants right here as well if maybe they were funnelling in the class was about to start all using that smart tip technology, we want to make the least amount of clicks to get somebody into that class.