Learn how to manage your social media profile in Booker

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Learn how to manage your social media profile in Booker

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Bernie (Booker Software)

Bernie: Where I'd like to step into is this marketing and the client engagement. We had touched on these customer emails that were automated by the system. What I also wanted to show you is we can link up their social media as well. The Facebook, the Twitter account, they can compose and post messages directly to that social media platform from Booker. They can take this a step further. Maybe I want to incentivize them with some type of special, so any special I create within the system, I can be for any product service, discount, or combination thereof, I have the ability to promote it if I make that available. It creates me a short URL. What I can do is actually send that directly to Facebook, send that directly to Twitter. I type a message here, "Click for 10% off," whatever that special is, when they click on that link, again, automatically redirected to your booking engine with the ability to book that service. A great way to generate bookings and create Facebook fans into actual clients.

Jimmy: This is great. This is very simple to use. Everything's housed already right there. You don't have to jump from one website to another.

Bernie: It really makes it easy and one of the things a lot of merchants struggle with in their day-to-day is how do they stay engaged with their customers, how do they make sure that they're making themselves available while they're in services all day. This is something very easily they can communicate with that social media following directly from Booker what they're using day in, day out. Just trying to make their lives as easy as possible.