Learn to set staff schedules and how to integrate the time clock within Booker

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Learn to set staff schedules and how to integrate the time clock within Booker

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Bernie (Booker Software)

Bernie: What this is allowing me to do is just enter in basic information for that employee, as well as descriptions, and then compensation and benefits. We allow them to set up how this employee's paid, whether that be commission, flat, hourly. We're able to have a different plan for both service-based and product-based. They can set up how that employee's paid based on this. When appointments are closed down on the system, we're tracking everything. They're able to run a payroll report to know how much that staff member's owed. Also, this is where we're picking what services they're able to perform that I offer, as well as set their regular schedule. What we can do here is not only set a regular schedule, but also, edit this week by week to update with things like vacation, personal days, or sick days, so that we're able to accurately manage the schedule. I can always go to the schedule tab here as well to toggle week to week, check on my regular schedule, as well as make changes with just a couple clicks of a button.

Jimmy: Pretty simple. Straightforward. What about the time clock feature? How would that be integrated into an employee's day-to-day?

Bernie: I'm on the admin view so I have an overview into everything. With Booker, you get unlimited users, unlimited log-ins, from an unlimited number of devices. We can scale those log-ins based on the permission levels you have set within your business. We can set what an employee has access to, what they can view within the system. One feature we can also turn on for them is the time clock so that they're able to clock in, clock out, and I have insight into this directly from the schedule's tab.

Jimmy: Is there a way for us to see right now this employee-facing admin panel or something so we can see how it would look for them?

Bernie: Absolutely. I've just logged in as a staff member. As you can see, I can only see my schedule. That's all that shows up here. Also, it's going to be a little limited if I choose, he's going to be the customer profile, whereas I can hide personal contact information. As you can see, it's a little limited as what I was able to view from the admin's side, but I can then also check my schedule, as well as clock in and clock out.

Jimmy: Perfect. Can an employee go in and edit their own schedules from within this view?

Bernie: No, from the staff view, they're not going to have that permission level.

Jimmy: It's something that they have to go through their admin or their manager.

Bernie: What they can do, say Sydney has a doctor's appointment here on Thursday and knows he's going to be unavailable from 10 until noon, he can just simply come in here, maybe even log in the notes so the front desk and everyone on site has an idea of where he's at, save this as blocked time, so that then from 10 to 12, he's not going to show up on that online schedule. The staff knows not to schedule any appointments for him during this period.