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What is bpm'online CRM?

Bpm’online CRM is a process-driven CRM that enables companies of all sizes to gain the agility to change processes at lightning speed. It also aligns marketing, sales, and service on a single CRM platform. Continued agility means businesses that use bpm’online CRM can continue to test, modify, and improve their processes, with the ultimate goal of boosting marketing, sales, and service performance.

Merging CRM and BPM software helps businesses automate processes and deliver better customer experiences. All bpm’online products are backed by an impressive business process management platform, and organizations don’t need access to an IT specialist to change processes on a dime. Businesses that are looking for the fastest possible implementation can utilize the cloud-based bpm’online CRM with a monthly subscription, which is inclusive of all update and support costs.

An intelligent solution for business process management (BPM), bpm’online CRM covers the complete customer journey. The web-based software is designed to align marketing, sales, and service on a single platform. It provides tangible benefits to businesses, with an online interface that has a social look and feel, and a convenient user experience that works across all platforms and devices.

Bpm’online has discovered a way to merge extended CRM functionality with its BPM capabilities. This allows for efficient management of the complete customer journey— from lead all the way to order, and ongoing account maintenance. Bpm’online CRM is setup as a bundle, with three products on one platform. These products include: bpm’online marketing, bpm’online sales, and bpm’online service. Key features of bpm’online CRM include 360° customer views, project management, business process management, mobile sales, opportunity management, omni-channel communications, orders and invoices, and lead management.