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BrightInfo use case: Andrew Melchiorri

Andrew Melchiorri

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1st of July, 2016
Content Personalization with Measurable Results

Our experience with real-time content personalization for our website had been historically poor to the point that from a marketing/sales perspective, we had almost given up our efforts entirely. With past solutions, we couldn't measure results in any sort of meaningful way and therefore couldn't determine if content personalization "worked" for us. A colleague of mine suggested BrightInfo and we were immediately drawn to the solution for two reasons: 1) The free trial offer 2) The ability to A/B test our conversions with/without BrightInfo During the trial period, we realized a 200% increase in conversions without spending a dime, and we made our content/inbound marketing teams extremely happy. In short, we always suspected that serving relevant content to our website visitors at the right time would be valuable, but BrightInfo was the first solution we worked with that could prove it.

What do you like best?

Ease of use, ability to launch & then ramp extremely quickly, ability to A/B test

What do you dislike?

We're in month 4 and haven't yet experienced any.

Why did you end up selecting BrightInfo over other applications?

BrightInfo produces measurable results.

If so, why did you switch?

We've tried several solutions over the past 18 months and none proved out ROI like BrightInfo.

What is your main use case with BrightInfo?

Inbound website visitor conversions.

Give one example how BrightInfo has improved the way your organization functions

Inbound marketing lead volume has increased 200%.

What is your ROI?

Anywhere from 10X - 25X our monthly spend over our first 4 months.

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Recommendations to others considering BrightInfo

We'd recommend BrighInfo to any organization interested in real-time content personalization. Free trial & A/B testing make it easy to vet the solution with no risk.

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Less than 6 months

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