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Checkfront use case: Scott MacLennan

Scott MacLennan

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15th of September, 2016
Awesome, simply awesome

I book over a hundred volunteers each year and it's a one-person show here. I don't know how I did it before CheckFront, I really don't. So many steps are now automated for me and it's a breeze to keep track of bookings. I use notifications a lot to send volunteer handbooks, orientation videos and other important documents that I used to have to track and send manually. What a relief to be done with that and to be using notifications instead.

What do you like best?

I am able to integrate nearly my entire workflow in one place from reservation to payment, notifications and more. For me, it just works.

What do you dislike?

Can't think of anything off hand. If it could take my volunteer application as well, that would have 100% of my work in one package.

Why did you end up selecting Checkfront over other applications?

Support. They are good and these days good support is hard to find.

If so, why did you switch?

I did use something else, I've forgotten what it was. Whatever it was, it wasn't functional for my business. That's an issue with several other products I looked at. I book volunteers, not hotels etc. With Checkfront I could be booking anything really, it wouldn't matter, it's that adaptable.

What is your main use case with Checkfront?

I book volunteers, that's it

Give one example how Checkfront has improved the way your organization functions

I used to have to keep track of, and send out many emails with orientation materials, travel materials and so forth. With notifications it's on autopilot now.

What is your ROI?

Never put the math to it. Don't see how I'd function without Checkfront anymore.

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I book volunteers, if that's your business, get this.

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2+ years

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