Contactually’s automatic contact data population + signature scraping


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Contactually’s automatic contact data population + signature scraping

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Brandt (Contactually)

Brandt: So let me go ahead and go over to our contacts tab here. Let's say that I want to take a look at Jordan's profile. Jordan here is going to have some information that is pulled from LinkedIn.

So Contactually is his company and VP of Products is his position. I didn't enter that data. That was pulled in from LinkedIn. This picture, same thing. Email will have been brought in just from having emailed him at those email addresses. Phone numbers would have been pulled in from say having an Android app connected or they could have been included in a spreadsheet import along with the addresses that came in here.

So aside from basic contact information that's pulled in automatically, we're also going to bring in all the conversation history. So you'll see here that there are a lot of different back and forths that are in here between myself and Jordan. Over here, we will also have potentially other information if they were a Twitter handle that were pulled in.

Really, it compiles the email history from as many email accounts as you have connected to Contactually. Some social media updates as they're public and available and you have those accounts connected. Then lastly, we do bring in if you have facebook connect, we'll bring in facebook messages in here. And if you have an Android or an iPhone - depending, it's a little bit different process for each but we'll bring in that phone history and that SMS history all in one spot automatically.

Jimmy: I did see that for contacts with information in their signatures, Contactually goes in and pulls that. Is that still something that is being done?

Brandt: Yes, that is absolutely still being done, Jimmy. The way that works, honestly that could have been another source of this phone number and address here. But what happens is once you've connected your email account, we will then look at the back and forth exchanges of emails. We'll scrape that signature as it comes through. We'll go ahead and pull in say company and title because those tend to be in the same position there and same thing with phone number and address.