Contactually’s pricing options


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Contactually’s pricing options

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Brandt (Contactually)

Brandt: So yes, it's really going to depend on what you're looking to do with it, Jimmy. If what you're looking for is a contact management system that has reminders to help you manage your relationships and stay top of mind then our basic plan is going to be $29 per month.

Jimmy: Okay.

Brandt: That's billed annually. So a one-time payment but it comes down to an investment of $29 per month. If you wanted to go monthly, you'll see it at the right here it's $35.

Jimmy: This is a lot lower than 1 million dollars. This is great.

Brandt: It is. It's a steal if you compare it to 1 million dollars. But the professional plan is then going to include all of the other features we touched on today in addition to the buckets and the reminders.

So email templates, programs, introductions, pipelines, team features, scale mail, et cetera, it's all going to be included in our professional plan for $49 per month, billed annually or $59 per month billed monthly.

Jimmy: This is great. This is cool. I look at it from the point of view of regardless of whether you're paying $49 a month annually or $59 on a month to month basis, $59 for really upgrading yourself professionally to the point where you're always on top of things-- man, that's a steal!

Brandt: Absolutely. Absolutely. And you know, it's really going to depend on where you're going to get the most value. So we have a lot of features included here. I worked with some people where the features that they use the most are introductions and article sharing, because they're just power connectors. They grow their network and their influence and help other people get opportunities, get opportunities themselves. Then you have people who like to automate things. Programs and scale mails, right? So on and so forth.