Contactually’s security features


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Contactually’s security features

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Brandt (Contactually)

Brandt: Go to our security details page. There are a few things going on here when it comes to protecting your data, all right? Because we've talked about all the conveniences that we provide by bringing in data from all different sources. So it makes sense we'd want to to keep it secure, right?

First thing is that we use Amazon's most secure servers, all right? Whatever the strongest securities that Amazon provides, we're going to provide that as well. Second is we do provide real time back ups, okay. So you never have to worry about losing your data.

Finally, this is a little bit more technical but we are going to be ssl secured and that's going to be using two 56 bit encryption which is going to be pretty much the highest available. So for these three reasons, you shouldn't have to worry about any data integrity issues.

Jimmy: Okay.

Brandt: Then when it comes to the actual contacts you have, even if you're on a team you own them, because you're going to be able to export your contacts at anytime. If you're on a team, the only way other people have access to those contacts is if you purposefully put them in a bucket that you share with others.