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Contactually’s team monitoring and reporting

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Brandt (Contactually)

Brandt: The team tab is going to be where you can stay on top of how your team is doing with their follow ups and with managing their relationships. Now there are a few things that go into our team functionality.

First thing is you're going to want to have some multiple team members and then make buckets to actually share with them. So I could have a bucket called shared vendors. We will then be able to share this in a way very similar to how you would share a folder in a cloud sharing service, think Google Drive or Dropbox.

Jimmy: Okay.

Brandt: When you share a folder, when you first make a folder in one of those cloud-sharing services just for you then you say, "Okay, I'm going to share this with so and so and I'm going to give them right edit permissions. So I'm going to give them view only permissions."

So here, if we had a few other contacts to choose from, we could say, "Okay we're going to want this team member to view conversations but we're not going to want the team member to be able to edit." Maybe we want them to be able to edit contacts and so on and so forth.

Once you have this team bucket set up, you're going to be able to also assign follow up frequencies for you guys to work on as a team. So maybe you're going to want each team member to have assigned lead that they follow up with once every five days.

This really ties back into that team dashboard we were just looking at. Because when you have buckets that have that reminder, we have something to grade you on, so to speak. You can come here and just at a glance, you can see how well people are doing with their assigned follow up rules based on the colors that we have here. This will be green, yellow or red accordingly. You'll see a per team member up here.

Jimmy: This is very cool. Okay. I can definitely see how going back to the real estate example that this would be very useful for a team of a multiple sales people or several people. Reaching out for whatever reason to add a layer of accountability, also because I assumed that these metrics are visible to the other members of this shared bucket, right?

Brandt: So they could be visible to the whole team. You'd be able to come good permissions and say I want all team members to be able to see the team dashboard.

Jimmy: Okay.

Brandt: Okay. If for some reason, you would want it to be just an admin level permission, you could uncheck that. But no, you're exactly right . As a team, you're going to be able to work together and hold each other accountable to good relationship management practices.