Importing and exporting contacts in Contactually


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Importing and exporting contacts in Contactually

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Brandt (Contactually)

Brandt: Importing and exporting, you can bring in a CSV file of -- let's say you have people organized already, you can go ahead and bring them in and conveniently bucket them in the process. You can also export contacts.

So you're going to have a lot of rich information here that was all compiled for you automatically, right? Maybe you're going to want to export a particular bucket, then do a postcard mail.

Jimmy: Yes.

Brandt: Maybe you want to export a particular piece of information to load up into another system. By all means very easy to do that there. Aside from that, really when it comes to leveraging your database, it's about combining these different filters to target people for specific reasons.

So here I have status. And again this is determined by how well you're following up with people based on those rules. Good means within the time frame; yellow means a little bit after; cold means you better get on it. Okay? And I can very easily see, okay, who should I reach out to regardless of the bucket they're in?

Jimmy: Okay, is this a feature that's automatically being populated or what's going on here to determine good, stale, cold?

Brandt: That's a great question and it's going to be automatically populated once the contacts are in buckets. So the only way that we can judge how well you're doing is if you put someone in a bucket with a reminder rule. If you told us "Hey, I want to follow up with this person once every 90 days, well then we can tell you how well he was doing.