Organizing templates in Contactually’s


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Organizing templates in Contactually’s

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Brandt (Contactually)

Brandt: That's correct. There is no limit on the number of templates. There's really a few different reasons you'd want to have templates.

One reason you'd want to have templates at the ready is just to make following up easier. Just to make staying in touch easier like that default template, "Hey, how are things going?" Okay?

Another reason is going to be for routine emails. If you know that you send the same email over and over again, it makes sense to template that out.

Jimmy: Right.

Brandt: Finally, it's to play into a lot of other features in Contactually such as we have a bulk emailer and we have a way to set up a campaigns as well.

Jimmy: So how are these templates organized once you want to use them? Because for example, if I was to use Contactually you have tons of different conversations going on that I need a better way to organize my templates and responses. So what's a way that I'll have to organize this?

Brandt: So that's a great question, Jimmy. It's really going to depend on how much organization you need. So if you are looking for more organization than what we provide here, one option is going to be to just make sure that the label is something that's going to show up in a specific order.

Jimmy: Right.

Brandt: So if you want to lump everything together, you can put the number one in front of each label that will make it to the package. Here we can see that everything that pertains to follow up is going to show up side by side.

Jimmy: So I can have a project short code in the beginning and then whatever stage that email falls into?

Brandt: Yes, that's correct.

Jimmy: I got you. Okay that answers the question.