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eCube overview

eCube - by Krish Compusoft - is a club member relationship management solution that enables hotel chains, recreational clubs, restaurants, food chains, gyms, spas, and catering business owners to reduce time spent on tracking regular member activities such as bookings, payments, and reports. The solution includes modules for the management of front desk, guest check-in, room service, and concierge operations through a single interface. eCube is available on three platforms: base, mobile, and web.

eCube offers various features including membership management, invoice management, accounts management, inventory management, and customer relationship management. The solution lets club managers track and calculate expenses as well as reduce overall spending to improve profits. Users can also keep a check on malpractices and simplify club operations to ensure maximum efficiency. The application helps managers optimally utilize available resources and reduce unproductive time.

eCube's corporate membership management module enables the provision of special benefits to particular members, such as discounted rates and the option to settle their bill through their company. Members are each assigned a unique code and ID card, with which the software tracks their activity within the club. With this information, clubs can build and nurture personalized customer relationships. Clubs can also opt to send customized SMS and emails to clients on their birthdays, anniversaries, or any other special occasion.

eCube helps in invoice management and ensures that invoices are generated on time and sent to clients automatically. The solution also provides MIS reports on the analytical and operational requirements of the club. eCube offers a scalable interface and allows users to buy modules as per their business requirements.


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eCube screenshot: An overview of subscription packages eCube - Socializing Made SimpleeCube screenshot: Member management moduleeCube screenshot: Mobile-based interface showing a member's profileeCube screenshot: User can pay invoices from their mobileseCube screenshot: Users can view the various activities and facilities offered by a clubeCube screenshot: Users can view class and activity schedules

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eCube features

Activity Tracking
Customer Database
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Key features of eCube

  • Check-in manager
  • CRM
  • Reservations management
  • Inventory management
  • Transaction history
  • Transaction monitoring
  • Inventory tracking
  • Resource management
  • Resource allocation
  • Corporate memberships
  • Member account access
  • Package tracking
  • Invoice management
  • Invoice processing
  • Customer accounts
  • Accounting management
  • Activity management
  • Activity tracking
  • Custom user interface
  • Graphical user interface
  • Mobile integration
  • Expense tracking
  • SMS integration
  • Email integration
  • Access control
  • Administrative reporting
  • Gate entry management
  • Front-desk management
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• eCube provides an intuitive user navigation platform that helps in managing housekeeping activities and in offering personalized services to customers.

• The application lets users manage club accounts as well as send invoices and payment reminders to customers.

• Club owners or operators can view lists of unoccupied rooms and the available space in game zones, pools, or other wings, with eCube.

• The solution offers a point of sale module that helps with membership, card validity, and credit limit checks and ticketing for club services that require additional payment.

• Service package subscription modules that allow members to select pre-built packages for their duration of stay.