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ELEAD1ONE overview

ELEAD1ONE is a web-based automotive customer relationship management (CRM) platform designed for car dealerships of any size. The system integrates with a range of dealership management systems (DMS) and third-party data providers, and supports multiple communication channels, including phone, text, email, video, and direct mail. A native mobile app for Android and iOS enables users to connect with their customers from any location, and offers driver’s license and VIN scanning capabilities, manager and salesperson views, daily statistics and activities, and more.

ELEAD1ONE includes a lead management solution which aggregates leads from all channels in a single place, with customizable routing options for short-term, long-term, or instant follow-up. Incoming calls are tracked, logged, recorded, and mapped, with users notified of any missed calls. Access to both new and pre-owned inventory enables the automated sending of quotes to leads, with vehicle photos, detailed information, and alternatives, configurable pricing rules to allow trim level and model customization, and calls to action (CTAs) for pre-approval and vehicle trade value. A library of responder templates can be customized to reflect company branding, and users are automatically notified when emails have been opened.

Also built into the ELEAD1ONE platform are tools for inventory management, vehicle valuations, pricing analysis, data mining, end-to-end lead tracking, online marketing integration, and more.


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ELEAD1ONE reviews

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Ryan Pesin

Long time eLead User

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-01-31
Review Source: Capterra

Have been on eLead for almost 10 years now, so we are happy with the relationship over this term. I appreciate the upper management at eLead and their level of involvement. Once they get involved, things seem to get addressed. My hope is that the lower tier support continues to improve their responsiveness and timeliness to resolve issues. I think they should have an Open Ticket Portal for the Admin of the dealership (myself) to view at any given time to see all open tickets with support. I think there is so much in the CRM that it is confusing sometimes for me to understand which reports are best to use and which reports are giving me accurate data or not. Perhaps reporting can be streamlined better and understood better by support so we can understand our results better to measure our analytics. (ie: Leads, Appts Made, Apps Shown, Sold...etc...) My new Rep is excellent and very nice to work with. He is a great asset to eLead as a senior manager and I appreciate him communicating with me even with his busy schedule. Overall, I am happy with eLead and would recommend them at this time to other dealers I know.My new Rep is excellent and very nice to work with. He is a great asset to eLead as a senior manager and I appreciate him communicating with me even with his busy schedule.

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Erick Kirks

Better than What We Had, But Still a Ways To Go

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-01-31
Review Source: Capterra

Our experience with elead has had its ups and downs. Some errors were made during integration for our group which resulted in many months of changes to get it setup properly and some data leak occurred. Support has always been good but communication needs improvement. Level 1 tech support is hit or miss, you either get someone that has some idea of what you need or you get someone you have to train over the phone because it's if they just started that day. Level 2 support is much better. Sometimes closing the loop on open issues and tickets ends up requiring several attempts at follow up, so proactive communication from support could be improved. Changes are often made to the system without being communicated to the dealer (most recently the Reports were revamped, but the new ones weren't "turned on" for us so the Reports were just broken until we called in about it to then learn there were new ones created. The email debacle crippled us for several months and the way it was handled (by keeping it on the DL) was not professional and cost us many thousands of dollars. We use elead-hosted emails for our sales team and were sending out emails that weren't being delivered due to the blacklist issue but we weren't made aware of it until many customers were pointing out they weren't getting email from us. Updates on the fix were vague and it created a very difficult situation for us to manage across our dealerships. The new system seems to be working fine though. I have always felt that elead should focus solely on their CRM product and stop trying to be jack of all trades. We had to cancel the texting system because of lag time, we tried the outsourced call center for scheduling overflow but it wasn't helpful (although the call center can definitely benefit some dealers and is overall a good product). It has always seemed like glitches and issues could be resolved faster if there was more resources devoted to CRM instead of all the other little products they keep trying to launch. Amanda Langner is the best employee we have dealt with!features, click to call integration

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Rebecca Tipton

I am a FAN!!!

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2017-01-31
Review Source: Capterra

Ben P has been amazing! He has resolved a lot of our issues and he has even created new reports for our team. Our lead count has increased for sales which is great. I will say for the inception and launch for our dealership it was not very organized. Sales was on point but our Service intro was awful. Two weeks after the launch Phil H showed up and saved the day! We had to relearn the system the correct way. For Service One the system is lacking in areas. I have expressed them to my contacts and they state that it will be brought up a their round table meetings. Overall I love elead compared to other systems we have used (CDK-Autopilot-ADP-xtime). I still have so much to learn and hope to master the system very soon. You guys have a great team for dealership support. I like the reporting and the fact I can view what is going on from my phone at all times.

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Angela Moabed

Elead review

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-02-04
Review Source: Capterra

ELEAD1ONE has been a great CRM tool that has allowed for the customer follow up that we have needed for sales and service. I have worked with several Performance Managers over the years and JD Demott has made a HUGE difference for us. The support that we get is what keeps us using this CRM. I make use of all the features possible and if it doesn't have something I will ask for it. JD pushes my ideas to programming if it's something that can possibly be changed. It is a great working relationship between the dealer and the CRM company. They have helped us through 2 buy/sells so far and their implementation team is also very helpful. The Implementation team lets you know everything you need and helps you stay organized. Thanks for making our Auto Group such a success! Keep up the great work!It has almost everything we need. I like the reports, the desklog, the workflows, etc.. Too many good things to list.

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Jason Powenski

Quality functional CRM

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-08-06
Review Source: Capterra

I have used elead for years and I like it because it just work and it breadcrumbs every interaction with a customer. Nothing is lost or forgotten!Elead is a great tool and most importantly it prevents us from losing track of customers and gives us a great system to keep in touch with them.

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ELEAD1ONE features

Automatic Notifications
Customizable Templates
Third Party Integration

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Additional information for ELEAD1ONE

Key features of ELEAD1ONE

  • Dealership management system (DMS) integrations
  • Third party integrations
  • Incoming call tracking
  • Call logging
  • Call recording
  • Missed call notifications
  • Multi-channel communication
  • Lead management
  • Bad & duplicate lead reporting
  • End-to-end lead tracking
  • Customizable lead routing
  • Automatic lead reassignment
  • Lead escalation
  • Email tracking
  • Automatic notifications
  • Customizable pricing rules
  • Template library
  • Customizable lead responders
  • Inventory management
  • Automated quotes
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Team members are automatically notified of price reductions, assigned leads, and opened emails.

A ‘safety net’ can be created for leads, with rules for escalation, lead reassignment, and non-responder redirecting.

Leads can be routed according to their source, schedule, or vehicle, with bad or duplicate leads identified and reported, and automatic responses offering detailed vehicle information, photos, and alternatives.

Car models and trim levels can be customized using the built-in pricing rules.

All incoming calls can be tracked, logged, recorded, and mapped in the CRM, and users are automatically notified of missed calls.