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Huawei eSpace Contact Center

Multi-channel communications and telephony platform

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Huawei eSpace Contact Center Pricing, Features, Reviews and Alternatives

Huawei eSpace Contact Center product overview

What is Huawei eSpace Contact Center?

Huawei’s eSpace Contact Center is a multi-channel communication platform for large businesses and enterprises that caters to various industries such as education, finance, healthcare, government, manufacturing and energy. It offers high-performance, carrier-grade telephony and IP-based call processing and routing additional to on-demand cloud and mobile services.

Key benefits of using Huawei eSpace Contact Center

eSpace Contact Center enables multi-party collaboration with voice conferencing, and any member can interact as an agent; professional experts and colleagues collaborate or can interact as agents.

Management personnel can conveniently monitor the contact center’s operational status in real-time which includes inspection, recording and scoring functions.

eSpace Contact Center is an open, multi-layered platform with interfaces for third-party development, service integration, and system customization.

The Contacts Routing Server (CRS) uniformly routes and allocates requests from multimedia channels to the most appropriate agent or Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) flow.

eSpace Contact Center utilizes a comprehensive report platform with built-in / third-party tools for custom reports and statistics that can be displayed in tables or charts.

Typical customers

Small businesses
Mid size businesses
Large enterprises

Platforms supported


Support options

Email/Help Desk
Phone Support
Knowledge Base

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Reporting & Statistics
Third Party Integrations
Mobile Access
Customizable Reports
Video Support
Real Time Monitoring
Video Call Recording
Video Conferencing

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Huawei eSpace Contact Center FAQs and common questions

Q. Who are the typical users of Huawei eSpace Contact Center?

Huawei eSpace Contact Center has the following typical customers:
Large Enterprises, Mid Size Business, Non Profit, Public Administrations

Q. What languages does Huawei eSpace Contact Center support?

Huawei eSpace Contact Center supports the following languages:

Q. Does Huawei eSpace Contact Center support mobile devices?

Huawei eSpace Contact Center supports the following devices:
iPad, iPhone

Q. Does Huawei eSpace Contact Center offer an API?

No, Huawei eSpace Contact Center does not have an API available.

Q. What level of support does Huawei eSpace Contact Center offer?

Huawei eSpace Contact Center offers the following support options:
FAQs/Forum, Email/Help Desk, Phone Support, Knowledge Base

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