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Carrie Hart

Game. Changer.

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2019-10-16
Review Source: Capterra

ExhibitDay solved a plethora of issues but the top 4 solutions were: 1. ROI. Period. It literally is a must-have! 2. everything my team & I needed to know was in one very convenient and user-friendly place 3. budgeting & tracking spending was so easy! (no worrying if someone messed up the formula in a spreadsheet) 4. the task board makes it so easy to assign tasks with deadlines to people on my team

- Google calendar syncing because it eliminates that extra step - The Budgeting and ROI feature is KEY to see how much you’re spending and truly if you’re getting a return on the investment - Annual Budgets feature because it is helping us to plan for next year’s events - The Staff & their travel tabs are incredibly important to communicating who is attending and reflecting their flight and hotel information - The shipments tab is AWESOME! Tracking shipping for trade shows can be one of the most challenging obstacles in this industry. Everyone who is involved in the conference has access to all data real-time, including tracking numbers and expected shipping dates. - The Playbook! Absolutely brilliant!

If I HAD to pick out some things I wish were improved on, I would recommend syncing the exhibit dates/times with calendar specifically, I would love a mobile app, and the ability to add clickable links for the event agenda and shipments tracking.

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Trade show tracking and management solution