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Qualitative & Quantitative online research & evaluation software for business, agencies and education / academic projects.

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GroupQuality overview

GroupQuality® is Self-Service Software that captures new knowledge & actionable insights using qualitative and quantitative online research methods, such as co-creation, community engagement and live online discussions. It is the online software and service that helps you capture more insights, in less time, on smaller budgets and with fewer people. If you need a flexible research, evaluation or customer feedback solution to engage, communicate, collaborate or ask questions, then this solution is for you!

- Test the user experience of any websites with real-time online website usability testing and identify road blocks, opportunities and ways to improve your online conversions.
- Evaluate, validate and test online and offline advertising campaigns using live (real-time) online focus groups.
- Screen new products, concepts and ideas in one-on-one online interviews with your target audience.
- Quickly measure brand identity, consumer opinion and market trends with online web and mobile surveys.
- Capture consumer opinions, employee feedback, or market insights to support important business decisions with online community discussion boards.


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1 x Administrator and 1 x Moderator (single user license), more available on - Enterprise, 24/7 online Academy & Help Centre, Email support, People panel manager.

*Live online software success training: From: $250*,
*Discussion plan and survey scripting: From $950*,
*Discussion plan or survey evaluation: $350 (Includes identified issues and suggested improvements)*,
*Moderation: Conducted by a GroupQuality specialist - Contact us for quote.*

GroupQuality features


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Additional information for GroupQuality

Key features of GroupQuality

  • Online chat focus groups
  • Email support
  • Online chat interviews
  • Online video and audio groups
  • Online video and audio interviews
  • Web and mobile community discussion boards
  • Web and mobile diary board
  • web and mobile surveys
  • Integrated panel manager
  • Integrated reporting
  • Online help centre and academy
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The Group Quality™ do-it-yourself the all-in-one online qualitative and quantitative research, evaluation and customer feedback software and servcies. Created for businesses, researchers, marketers, agencies, hr, education, and anyone who wants to to engage with an audience, communicate, collaborate, ask questions and capture answers!

Our easy to learn online platform and service delivers immediate answers and actionable results at an affordable price. If you need to pre-test or validate marketing, advertising, websites, creative, products, concepts, or engage customers, employees and stakeholders to gain regular feedback, then GroupQuality® has the solution for you.

Group Quality™ online do-it-yourself qualitative research software suits the following:

*Businesses who need to engage with customers or employees, ask them questions, capture feedback & generate discussions.
*Education Institutions & Students who need to conduct cost effective mixed method research.
*Marketing Professionals, product managers, brand specialists & website managers who need to improve the marketing ROI.
*Research Professionals or insight managers who need to generate quality insights efficiently & effectively.
*HR Professionals who want a greater depth of employee engagement, group discussions & organisation communication.
*Advertising Agencies who need a flexible robust tool to test new concepts, designs & generate new ideas.
*B2B & B2C Consultants who need the tools to drive & measure business performance.