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Infusionsoft use case: Tom Delaney

Tom Delaney

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11th of July, 2016
Switched from Marketo to Infusionsoft

I use Infusionsoft to automate our sales team's marketing from start to finish. As the Director of Corporate Communications for Scirocco Group Insurance Agency, I utilize the automation and data that Infusionsoft allows me, to help grow our new business way beyond our previous marketing efforts. We previously had signed up with Marketo to get our feet wet in digital marketing. I loved the software, but the cost was so high that when the renewal was coming up we started to weight the value. That's when I started researching and found Infusionsoft which has all the functionality we were using in Marketo, plus the CRM functions we didn't have, all for a fraction of the cost with no contract!

What do you like best?

Intuitive interface Great Support No contract Low Price Built In CRM New features being updated all the time

What do you dislike?

Almost every con I have had, I let the development team know and they fix or add a feature to resolve that issue.

Why did you end up selecting Infusionsoft over other applications?

Lower price and more features than competitors.

If so, why did you switch?

Initially just the lower price and no contract fit our situation, but since then, the features on Infusionsoft have impressed me more and more.

What is your main use case with Infusionsoft?

Managing sales campaigns for our Insurance Agency sales team

Give one example how Infusionsoft has improved the way your organization functions

We have one salesman who has totally embraced Infusionsoft with his niche Campground Insurance campaign. He sends out at least one newsletter each month to his growing list of Campgrounds. He is writing more new business than anyone by far on our sales team and tells us how he doesn't need to introduce himself anymore, people know him as the Campground Insurance expert!

What is your ROI?

Based on the above mentioned Campground campaign alone we have a huge ROI

Time used

1-2 years

Rating breakdown

Value for money
Ease of use
Customer support