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Infusionsoft use case: Jill Addison

Jill Addison

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7th of July, 2016
Infusionsoft has helped me serve my Financial Advisors on a much bigger scale

Infusionsoft is an AMAZING software and it has transformed my business. Since I've automated all my video production and promotion processes for my clients, I'm now positioned to serve hundreds of clients over the next few years and make a much bigger positive difference in their lives. Infusionsoft is such an absolute game changer.

What do you like best?

Customer support is very good and readily available, and I use it weekly to continue to build out and automate my systems. The app's functionality allows me to streamline my services by automating the process. It does the work of a full-time project manager, and does it better and faster since it's automated.

What do you dislike?

They don't call it "confusionsoft" for nothing. It's confusing in many ways. But I think for an app with such robust functionality, it just can't be totally obvious and simple because there are too many moving parts. It's a complex software that has the ability to execute complex functions, which means it's not going to necessarily be something you can just pick up and use without any training. I think the big area that could be improved is the Referral Partner Center. It seems exceptionally non-intuitive.

Why did you end up selecting Infusionsoft over other applications?

the sales person, Wes Schaeffer, asked me if I had a sequential production process for my services, I said yes, and he said it's a no brainer. It was.

If so, why did you switch?

no, I did not use another solution for the same functionality I use ISFT for.

What is your main use case with Infusionsoft?

automating processes involving several staff members

Give one example how Infusionsoft has improved the way your organization functions

It's taken the place of a full time project manager I would have had to hire.

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Recommendations to others considering Infusionsoft

The reason Infusionsoft has been so valuable for me is that I have a linear, sequential process for my services that lends itself to an automated approach, since it's always thing #1, then thing #2, then thing #3, etc. If you also have a business built on a sequential repeatable process that requires several different staff members to work together in the same order over and over, Infusionsoft may be a gamechanger for you too.

Time used

1-2 years

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