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CampaignerCRM, formerly Landslide CRM, is the next generation in customer relationship management, combining sales process consistency with sales performance technology to help sales teams prospect better, communicate effectively and close more deals in less time.

CampaignerCRM's powerful, next generation suite of sales process-focused tools are specifically designed for smarter sales management. Featuring a unique collection of integrated Web 2.0 technologies, CampaignerCRM will dramatically improve the productivity and effectiveness of your entire sales team generating predictable and more consistent sales results - every time.

CampaignerCRM is the powerful, next generation suite of sales process-focused tools specifically designed for smarter sales management. Designed for salespeople by salespeople, CampaignerCRM combines sales process consistency and real-time sales performance technology into a powerful, yet easy to use solution that will dramatically increase your sales volume, value and velocity!

CampaignerCRM helps you build a world-class sales organization by making everyone smarter and more effective. Unlike traditional CRM/SFA solutions that are primarily record-keeping tools, Landslide CRM lets you implement a systematic and repeatable approach to sales production and revenue generation.


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Key features of CampaignerCRM

  • Customizable, process-focused sales management
  • Automatically present relevant sales tools and job aids
  • Powerful, real-time sales forecasting & reporting dashboards
  • Custom, private online Buyer Management Portal
  • Dedicated, live VIP assistants speed data entry
  • SalesView™ shows detailed company & executive profile info
  • Live web conferencing for instant meetings & collaboration
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CampaignerCRM keeps your focus on customer acquisition, not data entry. If it sounds almost too easy, you’re starting to get the picture.

100% customized sales process - Easily define and develop your proven, effective selling process based on your organization's best practices or a specific industry model.

Unprecedented pipeline visibility - Get an objective, realistic look at your sales pipeline to make forecasting more effective and accurate Sales managers can effectively anticipate and support salespeople to help keep their opportunities moving forward.

Effective sales cycle execution - CampaignerCRM understands which selling phase the prospect is in and shows salespeople how to successfully complete each phase to maintain pipeline momentum.

Easy access to relevant sales tools - CampaignerCRM provides relevant collateral, presentations, documents and more by giving reps the right tools at the right time.

Smooth adoption and enthusiastic use - Easy to understand dashboards, powerful reporting and forecasting tools make Landslide CRM a valued resource for your entire sales team.

CampaignerCRM uses real-time, objective, process-based data so you can easily understand your opportunities and keep your sales pipeline flowing.