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Lynkos overview

What is Lynkos?

At Lynkos, users can quickly setup their account for free, import their contacts from multiple sources and start generating sales opportunities. Each opportunity can trigger automated tasks to users or teams, and business is in motion!

Right from contacts import, Lynkos completes their data with feeds from +50 social networks, including social profiles, updates and profile pictures. Companies are automatically created and if employees are found within contacts, they are associated to the company.

Users can create deals, cases, projects or tickets, move them from one stage to another; create calendar events including users or end clients, set reminders, tasks, etc. You can create your company profile with custom logo and let everyone know about your business through Lynkos' free Business Directory (exclusive for Lynkos users).

Everything can be tagged for easier reference and search. The reporting tool is awesome as it is simple, with contextual filters and data export capabilities.

The best feature of all? It's free!


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United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, China and 5 other markets, India, Japan, Germany, Brazil, Mexico

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English, Portuguese, Spanish
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Agustín Napoleone

Excellent CRM

Reviewed 2014-04-24
Review Source: GetApp

Excellent product. Easy to use. Has boosted our sales team productivity.

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Matias de Freitas

Great team

Reviewed 2014-04-25
Review Source: GetApp

Lynkos crm application has become a vital cornerstone of the strategy for sustainable growth in our insurance business in Uruguay. Besides its ease of use and practicality, Lynkos is an app that you can easily adapt to your needs. The support team is always cater to help with any issue that may arise and solve everything in the blink of an eye. I certainly recommend Lynkos CRM.

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Lynkos pricing

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Free and premium plans to adjust Lynkos to the needs of your company. You can change your plan any time you want.

Lynkos features

API (453 other apps)
Activity Dashboard (297 other apps)
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Automatic Notifications (240 other apps)
Calendar Management (210 other apps)
Contact Management (169 other apps)
Custom Fields (165 other apps)
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GetApp Analysis

In the world of business the customer is king, so the success of CRM tools comes as no surprise. However, whether you’re a B2B or B2C company, one thing is for sure, not all businesses can afford these systems. Lynkos CRM has set out to make a CRM solution accessible for everyone, in terms of both price and ease-of-use.

While it’s the low price and accessibility that differentiate this CRM application, that doesn’t mean that it is lacking in features. Lynkos CRM allows teams to do everything you’d expect from a powerful CRM, like build contacts, organize leads, manage customer service and close important deals, all within an easy-to-understand dashboard. It even has one or two features that go beyond what you’d expect, right down to alerting you by email about you customers’ birthdays.

What is Lynkos?

Lynkos CRM is a lightweight yet powerful CRM system that employees won’t require days of training getting accustomed to. This accessible web app features a clear interface that ensures everything is simple to pick up, right from the beginning. The main interface is divided in four sections: Contacts, Opportunities, Deals and Cases.

Contacts is where you will add and manage customers, while Opportunities and Deals allow you to organize business opportunities with contacts. Finally, Cases provide a mean to manage customer issues and feedback. There are also tools to assist in the team’s overall workflow, like shared file uploads and a calendar.

Who is Lynkos For?

Lynkos CRM is the ideal solution for those who are either new to the world of managing customer relationships or don’t have a big budget to spend on a CRM tool. It has been designed to be used as a “many to many” system, designed to be useful for any type of business.

In terms of business size, Lynkos CRM is most popular amongst small companies and start-ups. The main difference between the several pricing plans it offers is the number of users and server space available. Big businesses with a need for more than 25 users will want to get in touch with the Lynkos CRM team, who will scale the product based on specific requirements.

Main Features

A Powerful Dashboard

As soon as Lynkos CRM starts, users are greeted with the main dashboard. It can be set to either show the overall picture at a company level or offer a customized view for individual users, according to their preferences, to get the critical information they need from the start.

Each coloured tab of the dashboard relates to one of the four main sections, showing a summary of the most relevant data. The grey tab is for contacts, denoting the number of them assigned to the user and how many of them have sales opportunities. The orange one is for opportunities, showing how many new ones there are and how much money can they potentially bring in. The blue tab shows the cases that need attention and how many of them are high priority. Finally, the green tab shows the most important tasks due for today or overdue.

Batch Import and Organize Contacts

One of the main benefits of Lynkos CRM is that you can easily import any contacts that you already have gathered in other sources, such as Google Contacts, LinkedIn, Highrise or in generic spreadsheets. During the import process you can tag the contacts so you can easily filter them later.

Apart from tags filtering, you can also filter the contacts based on who they are assigned to. This way, users can simply list the contacts relevant to them. Team managers can also use this feature to assign tasks to employees according to the contacts assigned to them or send a quick email message to multiple contacts.

Detailed Contact Management

In the Contacts section, contacts can be managed on a case by case basis, with a level of detail that most businesses will find very useful. From here users can get an overview of the activity related to each contact, read or add tasks, manage payments, store complaints/feedback, and open new contact opportunities.

Updated contact details

Once you import your contacts or create them individually, Lynkos pulls additional contact details for your contacts from more than 50 social networks, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and many more. Profile pictures, addresses, social profiles and any public detail about your contacts is added to your contact list profiles automatically.

Automated Tasks

One way for managers and employees to optimize the workflow is to set up frequently performed tasks via the Lynkos CRM’s Tracks system. A track can be a single task or a set of tasks, which can be automatically applied to any new contact, opportunity, deal, or case. For example, if every time you add a new contact you usually send out a personalized welcome email, it can automatically be added as an assigned task to the responsible of that customer.

Share Files Where They Are Needed

There are also a number of features that help to improve the whole team’s workflow, such as a file pool where team members can upload documents to be shared. Files can be added at almost any level. Imagine there is a set of terms and conditions for a certain deal relevant to only a particular contact; you can upload the document into the contact entry, so that any team member that has to deal with it is able to access it.


Apart from the contact importing capabilities from different applications, Lynkos CRM doesn’t feature integrations with other third-party solutions at this time, but next releases will include integrations with Google Apps, Mailchimp, FreshBooks and Zendesk. It does, however, integrate perfectly with its own mobile app, which allows users to carry the most important CRM features in their pockets.

From the Lynkos CRM mobile app users can manage contacts, opportunities, and tasks with practically the same functionality as on the main application. Anything that you do is automatically synchronized across to the web-based CRM. It’s also quite handy when dealing with contacts, allowing you to bring them up and call them right from your mobile device.


One of the main selling points of Lynkos CRM is the price, as plans range from absolutely free to $200 per month depending on requirements. The Free Plan allows 2 users and 500 MB of server space. By upgrading to the Premium Plan for $15 per month, an extra 1.5 GB of space is added.

The most popular choice is the Team Plan, which allows 5 users and 5 GB of space for a $45 monthly fee. The Plus Plan offers 10 users and 10 GB for double the price, and finally the Max Plan allows 25 users with 25 GB of server space. If requirements are higher, businesses can contact the Lynkos CRM team who can offer a scalable solution to meet their needs.

Bottom Line

  • A powerful and easy to use CRM application
  • Aimed at businesses of all sizes looking for an affordable solution
  • Clear and user-friendly interface
  • Contacts can be imported from main business applications as well as from Excel templates
  • Improved team workflow, thanks to its integrated file sharing system
  • Full-featured mobile application available

Additional information for Lynkos

Key features of Lynkos

  • Contact Management
  • Opportunities
  • Deals
  • Cases
  • Projects
  • Tags & Segmentation
  • Email Campaigns
  • Custom Logo
  • Client Portal
  • Calendar
  • Tasks
  • Automated Tasks
  • Reporting
  • Special Permissions
  • Enhanced Security
  • Social Feeds
  • Custom Fields
  • Native Mobile App
  • Alerts
  • Files
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The simplicity and user experience at Lynkos exceed specific features. Lynkos CRM is a spot on application for small and medium businesses seeking to boost their sales and customer service teams' productivity to the next level without the challenge of implementing large CRM applications.