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The powerful WordPress membership plugin that sets up in minutes.

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MemberMouse Feature Summary

  • Sell Memberships and Subscriptions
  • Password Protected Member's Area
  • WordPress Integration
  • Customer Management
  • No Programming Required
  • and PayPal Integrations
  • Time-Release / Drip Content
  • Sell One-Off and Recurring Digital and Physical Products
  • Offer Free Trials and Coupons
  • Employee Accounts
  • Account Sharing Protection
  • PCI-Compliant Secure Billing Integrations
  • API, Push Notifications, WordPress Hooks
  • Upsells and Downsells
  • Customer Account Self-Service
  • Direct Response Reports

MemberMouse Features In Depth

Manage subscribers

MemberMouse offers tools that organizations can use to easily manage dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of digital “members,” also known as subscribers. The platform’s customer management feature includes complete order histories, engagement statistics, and access rights for each member. Businesses have the option to pause, cancel, or refund a member’s subscription at any time.

Within the membership management module, users can search for members by name or keyword, import members from outside services, or export member lists to their desktops. Members can be sorted by membership level or the date when a member was registered, enabling users to find the members who’ve been subscribing to their services for the longest period of time.

Create self-service checkout pages

Self-configuring checkout pages are a major component within MemberMouse’s WordPress membership plugin. Checkout pages are where an organization’s members officially sign up for and pay for their services or subscriptions. MemberMouse has opted for self-configuring pages, which enables users to design checkout pages that look just how they want.

Of course, a company’s needs change over time. Because of this, MemberMouse has created checkout pages that can be edited from within WordPress and setup with whichever payment gateways a business selects. MemberMouse integrates with payment gateways that include PayPal,, Stripe, Braintree, CIM, ClickBank, and Lime Light CRM.

Protect content from non-paying users

Paying subscribers generally expect access to premium-level content. MemberMouse makes it possible for organizations to prevent non-paying members from accessing certain website pages and posts. Using MemberMouse’s content protection features, organizations can protect content based on membership level or bundle. Users click the “Grant Access” button, and then choose which membership levels or bundles should be given access to the content from the provided drop-down menu.

These same features enable organizations to “drip” content to subscribers over time, rather than releasing batches of content all at once. When a post has been marked as “protected,” it can only be accessed with visitors with the appropriate access levels. Visitors without access are directed to teaser content, which is an effective way of encouraging those visitors to sign-up to see more.

Add a customizable theme

MemberMouse users have access to thousands of themes for their membership sites, which can be customized and optimized to reflect each organization’s unique issues and branding elements. Content widgets can also be dropped into themes to display any content that is available to members, along with content that will be available in the future.

Click on the “customize” button to edit any theme. Users can change the site title and tagline, colors, background image, and navigation bar. Although some themes will support static front pages, other will not. Users that decide not to display static front pages also have the option to display the latest posts to users who log-in to their membership-only sites.

Add dynamic content to WordPress pages

Using SmartTags, organizations are able to add all types of advanced functionalities to their WordPress pages. Users don’t have to understand anything about advanced web programming languages to implement this functionality. Instead, they can quickly execute ideas without relying on developers or programming specialists.

SmartTags, which are shortcodes, make it easy for MemberMouse users to target offers based on referring affiliates, dynamically display content, and show upsells/downsells. Organizations can display their members’ names or profile photos on their websites. Users can also control which types of content is displayed at any time, based on parameters like membership level, purchase histories, or membership length.

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