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MINDBODY use case: Ashtanga Yoga Paris Linda and Gerald

Ashtanga Yoga Paris Linda and Gerald

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15th of November, 2016
Huge Disappointment

I've had a yoga studio for 14 years and a few year ago after MindBody calling me many times to persuade me to their company, I fell for the sauve talking sales people and all their promises. They matched the price of the software I was currently using, only to less than a year later raising it by 25€ a month. I felt that was quite deceitful. The reports I had inquired about during the sales pitch were actually NOT available once I had switched over. And years later, they still are not available.

What do you like best?

If you are looking for an expensive software and are really into social media and tech things...I guess they offer lots of things that you can pay extra for. I don't do them but I see many advertisings for them. They answer their customer support questions fairly quickly. The service team manage to always stay friendly despite dealing with so many complaints.

What do you dislike?

Too difficult and complicated. Expensive. Simple reports are not available. Simple printout of class schedule is not available to print (to post on the in-studio bulletin board for example). The salary calculator to pay the teachers doesn't work properly...many bugs...which I've mentioned and they do not fix. Basic things are 'extras' - like having your schedule appear on your website directly, as if part of your website is 23€ extra a month. Otherwise, you can have your yoga students click on a link that goes to the MindBody website to see your schedule or if you have your own web designer they can figure out how to make it look like your website even though it is is MindBody.

Why did you end up selecting MINDBODY over other applications?

Because they called me several times and told me all the benefits of switching and I believed them since I knew they were an established company.

If so, why did you switch?

I used a French Software that is not on your list. I switched because I had more difficultly communicating and somehow thought that because MindBody was older and more popular that it would be better. Wrong!

What is your main use case with MINDBODY?

Keeping track of the class cards from yoga students.

Give one example how MINDBODY has improved the way your organization functions

Actually no way. I initially thought that it would make my work in calculating teachers salaries much easier but there are so many bugs that I have to do it manually through Excel.

What is your ROI?

I have no idea how to calculate this in regards to MindBody.

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Don't believe anything they say. It's not an honest company, the sales people have been trained very well to stay friendly, positive and tell you everything you want to hear!

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