All the features available in client profiles in Front Desk


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All the features available in client profiles in Front Desk

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Nicki (Pike13)

Jimmy: In this video you'll learn about the features available for client profiles in FrontDesk.

Nicki: Now, I'm in my client profile. Here's an example. I'm a client of this business and I just registered for something. I can see what it is that I registered for. I can see my payment methods if I have any online. I can store my credit card information for auto billing purposes and that type of thing. I can subscribe to the calendar if I want. I can see all of my memberships.

Jimmy: Okay. Each person who's a user on this site or who signs up for a class or buys a service or whatever they do, they end up with a personal profile that lives on your site?

Nicki: Correct. This is where the clients can manage account. Maybe they enrolled in something and needed to cancel or maybe they wanted to buy something. Whatever they wanted to do, they want to see their schedule they can come here to do all of that.

Then when we jump over into the staff side of the software, we'll see the same client will live over there and all of their information that the staff members and owners might need to manage this person and to check them into classes, see their billing history and all of that.

Jimmy: Okay. The customer gets to see here all of their own activity, what they bought, what they're registered for, what they've signed up for?

Nicki: Yup. I can see my bills, I can print one out if I need to give a copy to my employer for some reason. I can see all of my interaction with this business.

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