Front Desk's backend, what only you & staff see


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Front Desk's backend, what only you & staff see

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Nicki (Pike13)

Jimmy: In this video you'll learn how about the backend of FrontDesk, the part where only you and your staff gets to see.

Nicki: I'm going to now jump over into the staff facing side of the software. We'll just go over here. When a staff member logs in to the software, they are on what we call the "Today's screen". This just shows me my schedule for today as a staff member in this business.

Also, because I'm an owner in this business I also can see some other higher level data like visit information at a glance, revenue information at a glance, that kind of thing.

Jimmy: Okay. As a business on FrontDesk, staff members each get their own log in and credentials and everything and then they can see certain levels of information?

Nicki: Correct. We actually have five different permission levels in Frontdesk. We have owner which can do and see everything in the software. Manager that can pretty much do and see everything. They just don’t see financial reporting unless the owner specifically grants them permission to see financial data.

A staff member can book appointments. They can handle their classes, they can sell things to clients, they can give refunds. They can do anything they need to properly service the client.

We also have a limited staff role which would be somebody that can only see their schedule alone and they can't sell anything. They just see their schedule and they complete their appointments. But they're not selling things to clients, they're not giving discounts, refunds, those types of things.

And the last permission role is client, which we just saw. They can only manage their own account or the account of any of their dependents or people that they manage. If I were a parent and I wanted to be able to enrol my kids in things, I can do that as well.

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